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4010 grafts FUE - Dr. Erdogan - 12 and 13 august 2013

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I'm a member of the two biggest spanish hair loss forums (recuperarelpelo and ganarpelo), but I want to upload my operation here also.



I had my operation with Dr Erdogan in Istambul in August.


Here the info and the pics:




Single 673

Double 1793

Multiple 1544

TOTAL 4010






















1 week










Some photos since last year :



September 2012





May 2013





August 2013 - Operation








August 2013 - Day 7 post-op




September 2013 - Day 33 post-op








Some new little hairs (finasteride or operation?):





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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant with Dr. Koray Erdogan! I agree that the work looks clean and refined and will surely produce an excellent result. Please keep us posted on your progress.

David - Former Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant


I am not a medical professional. All opinions are my own and my advice should not constitute as medical advice.


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Congrats on the work done. I am also considering getting FUE done in Turkey by using either Dr K Erdogan or Dr. Hakan Doganay in January 2014 but am a bit nervous.


I have a couple of questions if anyone can help out:



When I grow my hair I usually cut it short around the sides and leave the top longer, will the scares show from the donor area? (if that is the case can I take donor hair from other parts of my body like chest, arms or legs?)


Do the donor hairs from other parts of the body grow differently from those of the hair? (I think I saw someone use hair from their facial hair as a donor area?)


I have curly/wavy hair and am attaching before and after pictures:

(The good old days of )how it used to be! and (the not so good days) now:


Is it unrealistic for me to try and regain the front of my hair to the same density it used to be? (also some of the front of my hair only grows to a certain height and then stops).


Thanks in advance to anyone who can contribute to any suggestions and comments.







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So do you think it is possible for me to have my hair look like it used to? Also I have seen some pics where they used a larger extracting tool which left hole patches in the persons head. How can I avoid this and what questions should I ask the surgeon to make sure it doesn't happen?

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You seem to have good donor hair so it will certainly give the impression like before. Both the surgeons you mentioned are very skilled at recreating hairlines. The tools they use you would not notice anything.

Look at some of there results on this website and also there own.

I would ask them anything that comes to mind. Have you sent them your pics yet?

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Yes I have. I sent them my pics today so am hoping for a response in the next couple of days. I have a break in January so am hoping to go to Turkey for nine days. How much time does one need to get rid of the scabs from the procedure? Also will a week be enough time for me to have had the procedure done, have scabs clear and be safe to travel?

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Thanks for the update.


How do you find day to day life with hair like this? Have you thought of buzzing it down?


Im very similar to how you were, looking to get a Turkish HT early next year, but a bit anxious about the logitstics of day to day life in the following months.

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Hang on in there. I'm sure the results will come through.


How are you finding the Toppik? Are you getting away with it? Does it cover the redness? I'm considering a HT but dread most the ugly duckling stage, especially the shedding and trying to cover up having had a procedure.

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