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Dr. Konior - 9/11/12 - 2030 Grafts

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Completed my HT today with Dr. Konior:


1. Wonderful experience with MD and staff.

2. No issues - everything was clean and organized

3. Timing was very good

4. Thorough discussion with Dr. Konior prior to regarding expectations and game planning for density and placement.

5. Allowed MD to decide as he was doing implants to expand the initial estimate to reach my goals. Initially planned to do 12-1400 grafts and wound up with 2030 grafts. AM writing this about 3 hours after procedure was done. Some soreness up front in recipient area but still mostly numb.

6. The cleanliness of the work is still so impressive to me !


Thanks so much to everyone on the forum and Dr. Konior and staff@@



Have follow-up appt. in three days


picture of pre surgery ( poor quality)

immediately post sugery as well



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Very nice. Looks like we had the exact same procedure in size and locations. You are ten years older than me tho so that is a bonus for you!



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Will definitely keep updating as I progress -without the regular posters on this forum i would not have pulled the trigger - some swelling last two days nothing terrible, but noticeable icing per Dr. K instructions and it is has improved. Will put up some pics when new developments happen has only been since Tuesday afternoon, fortunately have enough hair to comb forward so that I don't have to wear a hat :-)


Here is 3 days post op


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