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  1. You've had a lot of good advice on here. Get out and enjoy your life. If the pictures you've posted are truly representative of how your hair looks, you have a nice head of hair. At the end of the day only you know how you really feel but as others have commented I don't equate your comments with the pictures you've posted. Either way I hope you can find a way to not let it affect you so badly.
  2. Seriously, this isn't true is it? People do not just approach total strangers on the tube and ask them highly personal questions. I travel on the tube everyday and I've seen all manner of people and many weird and wonderful things and the reaction from commuters is the same, they don't bat an eyelid. You expect us to believe that, not once but twice, total strangers have found your hairline so compellingly unusual that they have ignored all social boundaries and come up to you just to ask about your hairline? LMAO. You could have two heads on the tube and no one would stop to ask. I'm sor
  3. How many people post asking for feedback unsure of their own progress? Looking at themselves everyday in the mirror unable to see the gradual change. Do I underestimate the importance of the patient actually feeling like they've had growth and it's made a difference, no. That's why we undergo the procedure in the first place, obviously. But often because it is so gradual especially when it's a small procedure, the patient can lose track of the progress they've made. That's why they reach out to posters for their opinions. The OP has shared the photos himself. Presumably therefore he'
  4. Of course but I don't believe that the 6 months photos are bad, or deceptive or poor. They're not the exact same angle, lighting but that doesnt make them poor. They clearly show what his hair looks like now vs what it used to look like and in my opinion it's a significant cosmetic improvement. The OP actually said that family and friends have noticed 0% improvement and I think we all know how much that can be taken with a pinch of salt. How many guys who have undergone massive transformations haven then commented on how close friends and family didnt even realise. Sure in this insta
  5. The angles and lighting are not identical but that doesn't mean they're any less clear in the second set of pics. They look perfectly bright and clear to me. You really think the improvement here could be achieved by just 450 grafts? i.e. 30% of the procedure?
  6. One of the standout patient results that led me to choose Dr Rahal. Congrats Keith, looking sweet fella, it must feel great to experiment with different hairstyles again!
  7. Progress is progress Hang in there man, looking forward to your 6 month pics.
  8. Fue I wouldnt sweat it. For many clinics it's typical for a tech to do the extractions. I think people get too caught up in this but the extraction process is a replicable, repetitive process once a technique is developed. People obsess about this stuff but you don't need a medical degree for every individual task. Frankly I don't care what qualifications that person has as long as they have excellent dexterity and have done it competently thousands of times before.
  9. Soren I like the look of their work from what what I see in your pics look great. Extremely neat and natural looking. Please keep posting. The manager though in that video, that's as telling a transplant as I have seen in a long time. It's too linear and somewhat see through. I take it they did his transplant?
  10. Slickers

    Wow that's a bloody post op! Big improvement between 3 and 6 months. Looking good!
  11. I agree there definitely appears to be growth happening and those pics aren't the best for comparison IMO. A few shots showing the whole hairline, top down etc will be much better at establishing what's going on. Besides things are only starting to happen at 4.5 months. Are you on any meds/ supplements? If not it could take a little longer to come in.
  12. Albine it looks great for only 4 months. It looks like you got a lot of growth very early but sure you can expect a lot more and thickening over the next 2/3 months. Congrats.
  13. I think your post shows precisely why Dr Rahal didnt just perform FUT on you, you obviously have concerns, misgivings about whether it's right for you. Credit to him for that, it's not a decision to be made on the spur of the moment (for most) and good to know that in his opinion you do have the donor to do it in the future if you ever feel you need to and are ready for it. Again youre in a great positon for just 3 months from the grafts you did get. It already looks to be growing in nicely.
  14. BJ on the plus side it's looking great for just 3 months. Those 1400 grafts have clearly made a cosmetic difference already, you look like you have only mild recession now and with plenty more growth to come. I suspect the reason FUT wasn't considered was because your donor is a bit on the thin side as youve mentioned and it may just not be dense enough to conceal a strip scar?! Just a suggestion but you def shouldve discussed it with Rahal, nothing to lose. Anyhow you didnt and the upside is that your hair is looking really good for just 1400 grafts and only 3 months. Plenty to be p
  15. Glad to hear you had a positive experience, but as you're no doubt aware simply saying you had a good result won't attract much credibility without pics.
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