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  1. Thanks a lot, Spanker! Fingers are obviously crossed over here. I've been back at work for 2 weeks already, and fully own it. I work in a hospitla, and so more than anything, the other nurses and doctors are intrigued. Now I just need to come up with a better story on how I got my scar! :-)
  2. Just wanted to update everyone, as today is the 4 week post-op mark! Sadly, the ugly duckling phase is in full effect. Had some shock loss around the strip scar like I did with my first procedure, but hoping like the first I get most of it back. Otherwise, just playing the waiting game now and hoping for good growth. A lot of the sensation is coming back to my scalp pretty nicely, and overall (except for feeling ugly) I feel pretty good. Will be posting again at my 2 month mark, although I'm sure there won't be much in the way of changes by then. Hoping everyone here had a great weekend!
  3. JP- Wow, knockout result at 6 months. Rahal nailed it and your hair looks absolutely amazing! Wishing you continued success on your next 6 months of growth, and I'm looking forward to seeing your photos at the year mark! All the best! Mike
  4. Good choice in choosing Dr. Rahal; I'm sure you'll be very pleased. And just to clarify to the forums, the 45 FUE follicles were viable follicles extracted...but some of the FUE units weren't usable and so instead of risking more waste of needed grafts, Dr. Rahal stopped the procedure. I did not waste a sizable amount of grafts in the process....so I guess that is good. In terms of the donor scar from my second procedure, we decided to keep the size consistent with the first, to try and merge the two scars. Additionally, we wanted to get as many grafts as possible.....I would have bee
  5. Trust me, it was frustrating to say the least....and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I’d be the one case in a million who isn’t a candidate for FUE. Oh well, at any rate....I’m sure there was a reason it was meant to be?! I had a total of 4737 grafts done in 2012....and I think 1800 of those were put into my crown area. I was goin pretty bald I felt like! I will reach out to the clinic for some pre op photos....and post when I can. Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos. The first was the state of my hair prior to my first transplant in 2012. The second was taken a couple week
  6. Hey everyone- Long time poster and member here in the forums! It's been a while since I've been on, as I've mainly just been enjoying life :-) I recently went back to Ottawa for my second round of FUT with doctor Rahal. My first procedure was done in 2012, where I had just over 4700 grafts FUT. In 2015, I went back to Dr. Rahal to have 2500 grafts done FUE, however, for some reason unknown to me...Dr Rahal said that my grafts were not viable via FUE (something about the bulbs kept disintegrating during extraction) and that we would have to stop the procedure. I was obviously bummed
  7. That's exactly what I was trying to figure out. I'm wondering if I'd just be throwing my money away...as I see so many mixed reviews on efficacy.
  8. Hey everyone- Long time former poster here who admittedly hasn't been on here in years!! Hope all is well and that all of you are doing great and growing great hair. Long story short, I am going back for a second FUT procedure, and hoping to add 2500 grafts or so to my existing hair. I seem to have become mildly resistant to Finasteride, and my hair is thinning a bit. What I'm wondering is.....how effective do you all feel that PRP is as a treatment during transplantation. The clinic is attempting to sell me PRP with my procedure for an extra $600....and I am wondering if the
  9. Looks really fantastic at 4 months, buddy!! Excellent. Plus the harsh light photos really help provide an accurate portrayal of your current state!! Months 4-8 were my favorite in terms of growth, so it's going to be an exciting 4 months for you. Looking forward to seeing your next update!!
  10. That is going to be an excellent result. I just scheduled my second procedure with Dr. Rahal for September, and can't wait to get back in the chair to finish everything off!!
  11. I'm a big fan of Dr. Erdogan's FUE results. Looks really great! Congrats on your new hair!! =) Best, Mike
  12. I am now 12 months post-op from my 4737 FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal. It's been a long journey, and I'm grateful to have hit this milestone finally!
  13. agenteye

    11 Month Post-Op Photos

    These photos mark my 11 months post-op date....from my 4737 FUT transplant with Dr. Rahal. I am THRILLED!!!
  14. agenteye


    These photos were taken 10 months post-op from my 4737 FUT procedure with Dr. Rahal
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