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  1. Hi guys, Here is my 6 week update. The redness surprisingly is still lingering in the recipient area. Its fading slightly each day but due to the nature of dense packing I thing the healing will take a few more weeks until its completely returned to normal. Also there is a slightly amount of shock loss in the recipient area, again to be expected as the news hairs that were planted slightly into the existing hairline were packed very densely. Hopefully in a couple of months from now that will have started to return. Regards Spex
  2. The results are a way off yet but thanks for the comment. The technique used was FUE. Regards Spex
  3. spex

    Leg hair

    Body hair is a last resort. Highly inconsistant results based on countless patient feedback I've had over the years. Regards Spex
  4. Remember to stay conservative as you can always add more. Thats what I've found. Regards Spex
  5. Hi Ej, Glad to hear you are in a better place. Happily meet up for a coffee anytime. Regards Spex
  6. Hey there, Im UK based and been around for a long time as well as the recipient of more hair transplants combined on this topic alone.. You look like a good candidate but make sure you get your hair stabilised prior to any HT procedure as you'll like regrow a great deal of hair too on a course of finasteride for 8-12 months. Its vital you strengthen things up and do not rush in. To address the frontal zone you appear to require approx 1800-2200 FU I recently had a HT at The Harley St Hair Clinic in London who I represent to finish off my hairline with a super dense pack and if you run a search on me here or on google you'll find it. Research, Research, Research and Do NOT rush in!!!! Regards Spex
  7. Hi guys, This patient came to see Dr scott Alexander to address the frontal region with FUT 2755 GRAFTS (627 SINGLES, 1525 DOUBLES, 603 TRIPLES) 6 month post op photos, immediates, and pre op At this stage safe to say the patient is growing gin very well with another 6 months ahead of him to growth and develop further ! Regards Spex
  8. Hi, No worries at all. Only too happy to help best I can. You are more then welcome to inspect my donor for yourself man - You based in UK ? I had ATP into the entire donor region which really helped dilute down the scar. It wasn't just through the scar but the entire donor. It really helps disguise the FUT scar. Ill try get further pics otherwise happy to show you in person. Hopefully you know me well enough on here to know i've no issues meeting up. Im in London on 15th August! Regards Spex
  9. I wanted to make it even better and was a free surgery yes as disclosed in the Ape to Gentleman article. My temple points do not trouble me in the slightest. Regards] Spex
  10. Hi, Here is best pic i can find. Ive 1 strip scar that runs up right hand side and stops at back.
  11. Hi Ej, Thanks for the comment. Im incredibly impressed to date with how things have gone along with the healing. Been around the block like you so I've got a good control on how to compare different hair transplant surgeries. Long time no speak. Did you seek resolve on your repair journey ? Regards Spex
  12. Here is a video update i made at 2 weeks post op my session at The Harley St Hair Clinic. Healing has gone very well and I've defo experienced a little shock loss in the recipient area which i'll intend to do a video on shortly. Regards Spex
  13. Hi Guys, Please feel free to come along and discuss your hair loss concerns and your situation with me on Wednesday 15th August I will be holding 45 minute consultations in London at a convenient hotel near London Kings Cross Train station.This will be a good opportunity to discuss any concerns you have about your hair loss and hair transplant requirements. You can rack my brain and i'll offer you my experienced opinion. Feel free to email me directly at Support@spexhair.com to arrange an appointment. Regards Spex
  14. Hi Dj, Nice to hear from you. Donor is still remarkably good and thoughts are i have another 1000+ via FUE safely. Thanks Spex