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  1. Great stuff - Grow well! Regards Spex
  2. Great stuff and great to hear you are happy ! 6 months is only half way through the growth phase so hold on tight ! Grow well! Regards SPEX
  3. Hi guys, See my 3.5 months pics. Some spouters.Right on cue 😎
  4. Hi, Definitely consider getting onto 1mg finasteride daily to help maintain and strengthen the existing situation. Hair loss is progressive and without a reg in place you are only ever going to lose more hair over time. A builder who is going to build a wall to stand the test of time builds it on a foundation. 😎 Info here to help on medication and type.
  5. Great work Dr ! Regards SPEX
  6. Hi Jay, Welcome. Im based in the UK so feel free to reach out to me anytime. 😎 Here is a starting point to get your "head" round the process of hair transplants. Hair Transplant Guide I also wrote this piece for the Telegraph which might help too. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/what-makes-a-good-candidate-for-a-hair-transplant/ Before you rush in on a mission to Turkey and Greece just make sure you fill your boots on your RESEARCH! Regards SPEX
  7. You are welcome. Information on my site too on finasteride 😎 Regards SPEX
  8. He certainly had a remarkable head of hair hey but it does just go to show that no one is safe from MPB. Regards SPEX
  9. Defo consider Dr Bhatti for a consultation and guidance as he is one of the best in Asia if not the best in my opinion. Advise your friend consult with him so he has a solid control to work to against other consultation he might have. Dr Bhatti is excellent, caring and very experienced. Regards SPEX
  10. spex

    Hair loss?

    Kionu, Welcome. Consider getting on 1mg finasteride daily as if you do you'll poss never have to worry about hair loss again. FACT. Jessica man, What a load of tripe. 🙈 Regards SPEX
  11. It would appear he might need some help with concealers too :
  12. Wow hey - He had poss one of the best heads of hair back in the day... And now would appear not. He wears a number of hair systems which never quite look right hey ..... Ironically i bet that donor hair could get him a pretty good HT. Thoughts ? Regards Spex
  13. Thanks for the comment man. 😎 Dr Alexander currently of some strange reason has a schedule full of repair patients.... Its important we help spread the word and help educate as many as possible so they too don't become repair patients! Regards Spex