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  1. Hey - Check out Dr. Verona in New port Beach. varonahairrestoration.com Regards Spex
  2. Dr Wong and Dr Cooley are excellent caring surgeons with zero ego - and I'm sure they'll find time to assist you with a phone or Skype call. Ideally try meet them both in person if possible. Regards Spex
  3. Go see Dr Bhatti for unbiased advise and ethical guidance with no hard sell. If not already get on medical therapy to prevent further loss and stabilise your situ and potentially improve it. Regards spex spexhair.com
  4. You look fine man. Try my stress on it and fixate. go live your life and get off the forums ! Regards spex spexhair.com
  5. Congrats ! Dr Bhatti is a fantastic caring surgeon. Regards Spex
  6. Great stuff -continue to grow well as7 months is only part of the way! Regards Spex Spexhair.com
  7. If not on medical therapy then press hold on surgery and consider getting your situation stabilised asap for minimum of 12 months and then see what situ is. It may well enable you to AVOID surgery altogether.😎 SURGERY IS A LAST RESORT ! Regards Spex
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