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  1. All pretty normal. Shedding occurs btw 10days - and onwards. You've nothing to worry about as all looks normal. Regards Spex
  2. I concur with Shera above - I didn't realise just how many repair cases Dr Bhatti actually does - but was amazed since coming on board with him. Regards Spex
  3. A bump to help new readers. 😎 Regards Spex
  4. spex

    Dr. Lindsey patient cleaning nuances

    Great video and content Dr ! Regards Spex
  5. I seriously doubt it man - 1 week.... I think you'll be fine 😉 Regards Spex
  6. Who did your surgery? Any pictures ? Regards Spex
  7. Ive had 13 Ht's and initially kept them all a secret. When i finally came out and told my story i was overwhelmed how much people found it all of genuine interest and were incredibly supportive. In my experienced opinion the more people you tell the easier it all is to deal with. Its a hard one to wrap your head round no doubt but trust me! Regards Spex
  8. Hi, See your GP and see if he is willing to help. If not you can read our to Dr Steve Edgar who's a very well known GP with UK patients for acquiring a private prescription for finasteride and Dutasteride His Email : DrStevengedgar@gmail.com Regards Spex
  9. I moved from Finasteride after 17 years up to Dut and never looked back. No sides and hair is solid. Info and video on my site. Regards Spex
  10. Appears they've simply been in an extended rest phase. Don't worry. Regards Spex
  11. Hi guys, In my experience viewing pictures and watching surgery few surgeons have the unique skill and ability to design a hair line in such a way that it looks natural and is also the appropriate density with number of FU. Density and naturalness combined with hairline being "age appropriate " are a key and vital area to consider when selecting your surgeon and if you are focused on hairline work it is vital you meet patients in person to gain a good feel for the appearance of the hairline post op. Any good surgeon will be able to put you in touch hopefully with a local patient or it might mean you need travel to view but an important part of your research process in my opinion to gain a feel for naturalness and density. Remember too there are factors to consider such as hair calibre and characteristic too - A great surgeon knows how to combine these, many surgeons however don't so do your research. This recent session sent to me by Dr. Scott Alexanders office in Phoenix prompted me to start this topic to gain feedback from others. In my opinion this is going to be a remarkable hairline - great design and density so a good combo of the factors. Patient here has recieved 2646 FU. Thoughts from any posters on hairlines as input is always welcome. Regards Spex
  12. Hey, In my experienced opinion Dr William Lindsey is one of the absolute best SCAR guys especially when it comes to repair. Hit me up as i can help get you in touch with him if required. He is based in Mclean Washington. I help many UK repair guys visit him. Regards Spex
  13. Hi there, the shedding process is normal and can happen at variety of timelines so please don't stress to much. Videos on my site to on shedding and growth times to help assure you. Regards Spex