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  1. Have you tried finasteride 1mg daily as if not id consider it as you could avoid surgery altogether. Regards Spex
  2. Bump for new readers ๐Ÿ˜Ž Regards Spex
  3. Bump for new readers ๐Ÿ˜Ž Regards Spex
  4. Bump for new readers ๐Ÿ˜Ž Regards Spex
  5. Hi there, Generally Dr Alexander is booked a few months in advance. Please feel free to drop me an email with your info and pics and I can gladly discuss your situation with Dr Alexander for you or alternatively better still get you in direct contact for a consultation. Email : support@spexhair.com Regards Spex
  6. Hi guys, Glad you found the topic of use. Ive a ton more info on my website along with videos too if this helps as enables you to get to answers fast. Regards Spex
  7. I've been to Dr. Alexander for a couple of procedures. I decided on using him after much research and one procedure that I was not entirely happy with from another provider. Dr. Alexander fixed what was wrong from the other provider and the last procedure made my hair look like it did 30 years ago. He is extremely professional and thorough. He explained what options I had, did not try to "upsell", and documented everything done. He and his staff are consummate professionals. I will personally vouch for his professionalism and integrity. I would urge anyone looking to have a procedure done to consult with Dr. Alexander and avoid any of the mass market hair loss clinics that advertise out there. What you have in Dr. Alexander is a caring and completely competent surgeon. The procedure was fully explained beforehand. All care immediately following the procedure was fully explained and extremely helpful. The follow-up visit to remove stiches was about a week later. He then schedules a six month and one year follow up. After my last visit which was the one year follow up I was floored at the difference. As one doesn't see the back of their head that often, comparing the before pictures to what it looks like today is like night and day. My wife has even commented on how well my hair has grown in. Again, I can't thank Dr. Alexander enough for what he has done for me and how well the procedures have gone. There really is no one else that you need to consider when you are looking for a procedure to be done. Todd
  8. Iโ€™d say heโ€™s a NW7 yes. Miniaturising Hair clearly around the edge which has responded well to meds which is great. Thanks for the postive and constructive comments. regards spex
  9. This 32 years old Indian patient with Grade 7 pattern planned over 2 hair transplant sessions due to the the extent of loss. Luckily has good donor region to work with but planning is vital short and long term. First session- 3233 scalp and 456 body grafts used for hairline and midscalp and the results can be seen here after 6 months in. The patient has also noe been on finasteride for 6 months too to help stabilise and stop the progression of loss and help thicken things up ! See how well the patient has responded to finasteride ! As this result progresses I'll plan to update the topic to see this remarkable transformation. Regards Spex 6 months post op !
  10. This is quite a remarkable newspaper article regarding a Australian patient who received 100% compensation after his hair "100% Guarantee" ...failed. Clinic held accountable in India for "gross deficiency and negligence". This is interesting.
  11. I've been around a while and seen a lot of hairlines from a lot of clinics. Feriduni's are great no doubt it and great he is a Dr too. hard to say whose the 'best' as many great hairline drs out there, but Feriduni is defo one of them! Also entertain Dr Bisanga too. I love his hairlines. Despite not a clinic on the lists here My NEW hairline is coming in a treat - I recently went to The Harley St Hair Clinic and had my session with Dr Kovecheva after seeing countless hairlines by her in the flesh. Simply lovely, natural and soft! My write up is own the forum and here : https://www.apetogentleman.com/perfect-hairline/ note: *I am a patient advisor for the clinic* Regards Spex