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  1. I'm in the U.K. media again today with my opinion on Prince Harry and his hair. This one is certainly going to put the cats amongst the pigeons.... 😳 https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/764360/James-Hewitt-Prince-Harry-dad-is-Prince-Charles-father-Princess-Diana-royal-news Regards Spex
  2. Hairlover, Drop me an email at Support@spexhair.com and ill speak to Dr Alexander for you. Regards Spex
  3. Hi all, This patient came in today for his second FUT. The pre op photos attached are from 11 years ago, the day of his 1st procedure and the scar from the 1st procedure as well as his post ops. 2500 grafts FUT Yet another great result from one of the world best. Regards Spex
  4. Research is a process. Take your time and dedicate the next 6-12 months researching. Regards Spex
  5. I’m quoted today in the Daily Star regarding Prince Harry and his options. I’m pretty confident he’s a user of concealers or has been but if he doesn’t act fast and take action and prevent further loss then he’s only got 2-5 years in the tank in my opinion. He would suit a shaved head and could really help making shaving down to disguise the loss much more appealing to others. “If it’s ok for Harry, it’s ok to be bald ! “ What you guys think ? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/761377/Meghan-Markle-Prince-Harry-hair-loss-bald-Duke-Sussex-royal-news Regards Spex
  6. Hi there, Thanks for the comment. Get me best via email : support@spexhair.com Regards Spex
  7. Thanks for the comment. Feel very happy and confident about my last procedure thanks. Its made a subtle yet defining difference so very happy indeed. Regards Spex
  8. Hi Guys, See this fantastic result of 3345 Scalp FU and 495 Beard FU performed by world leading surgeon Dr. Bhatti in India. See the transformation on the Video along with details on the surgery. Also see the pictures below of the transformation. Crown hair transplant and vertex hair transplant usually do not show good results. However many time when grafts are available in abundance, good coverage can be given through hair transplant even in extensive baldness. Regards Spencer ( Spex )
  9. Hi guys, Here is my update at 8 months since my hair transplant at The Harley St Hair Clinic.
  10. This patient came to Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix from out of state. See pictures of pre op, 6 month post op, and immediate post op. 2767 grafts FUT - Another great result already in the making at the 6 months stage. Regards SPEX
  11. Congrats man !! It was a pleasure to help you. Dr Alexander is undoubtedly one of the best around and it’s great you were kind enough to update the forum. Regards Spex