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  1. Spex’s eyebrow experiment and documentation with Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic 0.03% solution ). I’ve never had the strongest eyebrows and after speaking to many people and in particular Dr Feriduni regarding eyebrows I’ve decided to do an experiment which I intend to document here to see the benefits of applying Lumigan for 8-12 months to see if and to what degree it can help bulk up and assist my weak eyebrows. Patients I have spoken to who have applied this to their eyebrows have spoken of solid improvements. I have a number of baby/miniaturized hairs in the eyebrow that hopefully with the use of Lumigan I can strengthen and salvage - Time will tell. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analogue sold in the US, Canada and Europe by the pharmaceutical company Allergan. It was first marketed under the trade name Lumigan (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.01% or 0.03%) to reduce intraocular pressure in patients with glaucoma or ocular hypertension. In the UK you require a private prescription from your GP for it. Researchers noticed the drug had the side effect of stimulating eyelash growth and darkening of the eyelashes in patients with glaucoma. Allergan re-applied for US Food and Drug Administraton (FDA) approval for bimatoprost for the cosmetic purpose of eyelash growth under the new name Latisse. In December 2008, bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% was approved by the FDA as a treatment for eyelash hypotrichosis (inadequate or not enough eyelashes). My Left eyebrow today on 11th March 2015 I will keep you updated and let you know of any improvements here and via my website. Please feel free to email me any questions. Best Spex
  2. I’m quoted today in the Daily Star regarding Prince Harry and his options. I’m pretty confident he’s a user of concealers or has been but if he doesn’t act fast and take action and prevent further loss then he’s only got 2-5 years in the tank in my opinion. He would suit a shaved head and could really help making shaving down to disguise the loss much more appealing to others. “If it’s ok for Harry, it’s ok to be bald ! “ What you guys think ? https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/761377/Meghan-Markle-Prince-Harry-hair-loss-bald-Duke-Sussex-royal-news Regards Spex
  3. I'm in the U.K. media again today with my opinion on Prince Harry and his hair. This one is certainly going to put the cats amongst the pigeons.... 😳 https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/latest-news/764360/James-Hewitt-Prince-Harry-dad-is-Prince-Charles-father-Princess-Diana-royal-news Regards Spex
  4. Hi guys Ive just undergone another hair transplant at The Harley St Hair Clinic and I'm currently 4 weeks post op. I received 618 FUE into my hairline zone whilst slightly lowering it too as well as broadening it out slightly. My experience was fantastic and a write up alone with a video interview can can be seen here as well Pursuit of the perfect hairline on Apetogentleman. Why undergo yet another hair transplant? ..... Why not ! I felt my hairline could be better and I have donor hair to work with. After seeing so many natural dense hairlines from the clinic i thought it was time to revisit my hairline in order to tweak it and refine it and make it the best it could be. I cam onboard as their patient advisor in the new year and the results I've witnessed have been very impressive! I receieved the following : • Harvested 618 FU by hand, via FUE, which equated to 1021 hairs. • Placed multis behind the hairline to help bulk up thinner areas. • Used single hair grafts along the frontal line • Implanted in the recipient area single handedly. https://vimeo.com/277343174 On the day of the procedure I arrived at 8am, feeling excited. To make it easier for other patients to understand my thought process and what to expect from the hair transplant procedure, I started filming the whole experience and this will be produced shortly. I met the highly regarded Dr. Kovacheva. We sat down at length to discuss my concerns and goals. Im pleased to report that right off the bat she embraced my vision. While also remarking on how good the previous hair transplanted hairline looked. We discussed the angulation and the overall new design and agreed to not alter the design of the hairline, but just lower it slightly. I'll allow the pictures to help tell you the process. 1 weeks post op 2 weeks post op 3 weeks post op 3.5 weeks post op I'll keep the topic updated along with add video updates too. Any questions please ask !! Regards Spex
  5. Hi Guys, See this fantastic result of 3345 Scalp FU and 495 Beard FU performed by world leading surgeon Dr. Bhatti in India. See the transformation on the Video along with details on the surgery. Also see the pictures below of the transformation. Crown hair transplant and vertex hair transplant usually do not show good results. However many time when grafts are available in abundance, good coverage can be given through hair transplant even in extensive baldness. Regards Spencer ( Spex )
  6. Hairlover, Drop me an email at Support@spexhair.com and ill speak to Dr Alexander for you. Regards Spex
  7. Hi all, This patient came in today for his second FUT. The pre op photos attached are from 11 years ago, the day of his 1st procedure and the scar from the 1st procedure as well as his post ops. 2500 grafts FUT Yet another great result from one of the world best. Regards Spex
  8. Research is a process. Take your time and dedicate the next 6-12 months researching. Regards Spex
  9. Hi there, Thanks for the comment. Get me best via email : support@spexhair.com Regards Spex
  10. Thanks for the comment. Feel very happy and confident about my last procedure thanks. Its made a subtle yet defining difference so very happy indeed. Regards Spex
  11. Hey all, In light of several topics recently regarding growth times please browse below on the links to reassure you that growth times vary from patient to patient - and that on average a HT will not even start growing till month 3-4 (at the very earliest) and then only VERY slowly. Growth comes in in stages and not all at once. You will get growth spurts at different unpredictable stages. It takes 12-18 months to benefit from the full growth /maturing of ones HT. The more you watch it and scrutinise it, the SLOWER it will grow. - "A watched kettle never boils" Helpful topics: Patience Growth Times 8-16 Months Best Regards Spex
  12. Hi guys, Here is my update at 8 months since my hair transplant at The Harley St Hair Clinic.
  13. This patient came to Dr. Scott Alexander in Phoenix from out of state. See pictures of pre op, 6 month post op, and immediate post op. 2767 grafts FUT - Another great result already in the making at the 6 months stage. Regards SPEX
  14. Congrats man !! It was a pleasure to help you. Dr Alexander is undoubtedly one of the best around and it’s great you were kind enough to update the forum. Regards Spex
  15. I represent Dr Bhatti and he is excellent! I'm not familiar of other clinic. Regards Spex
  16. Thanks for your input and opinion. Considering the length of the hair and timeline i think your comments are somewhat harsh but value your opinions as this is what the community is for. The main and most important thing is that the patient is incredibly happy and remarked how it’s changes her life in a very positive way. It’s met her expectations and some. #successfulHT But thanks for the comments. Regards Spex
  17. Hi all, Please see below this female patient who came to Dr Alexander 9 month ago and received FUT surgery and obtained 2497 grafts. As you can see from the pictures this result is yet another excellent result performed by Dr. Alexander and his team. Regards Spex
  18. If you see the result is currently only 9months. Room to bulk up over the next few months. Patient currently very happy indeed. Thansk as always for your constructive comments.
  19. This 32 years old patient came to Dr Bhatti to have previous work done elsewhere repaired. The repair session Including relocated grafts and 722 grafts were used to redefine his new hairline behind previously planted areas. Please find pictures after 12 months when he returned for follow ups and requesting for lowering the hairline as very happy with his repair procedure with Dr. Bhatti and his team! Pre Op Immediately post op 12 months post op https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaP4BN7ydhc
  20. Have you tried finasteride 1mg daily as if not id consider it as you could avoid surgery altogether. Regards Spex
  21. Hi Guys, Asked to write a recent article for The Telegraph on getting a hair transplant too young. There has been a great deal of media discussion surrounding the recent 18 year old who's father bought him a hair transplant for his 18th birthday which is complete and utter madness in my opinion. I was interviewed also on BBC 3 counties too about the young man a couple of weeks ago. Surgery is a last resort and getting a HT at the tender age of 18 only sets you up for a LONG road in my opinion. Article here : http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/no-18-year-old-should-ever-get-hair-transplant/ Let me know your thoughts - Do you also feel 18 years old is too young for a Hair Transplant ? Regards Spex