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  1. Rolandas, We're also friends in the FB group, just thought I'd come on here to tell you that your experience has inspired me to reach out to Dr. Ferreira for my repair. I'm currently between his clinic and Eugenix. Hope one of the two superb clinics will give me the result I hoped for before I ever even got my initial HT. I know repair cases are complex, but he's been honest in his assessment and I like his transparency rather than selling people on a dream. Appreciate you cataloguing this all!
  2. Firstly, they missed an entire area of my vertex and crown in the transplanting process. So even if I were freaking out about the scarring, I still have an area that needed coverage they missed and couldn't comprehend was SMP and not hair. Secondly, I don't think I'm overreacting as I saw the scarring from my first procedure and this one was much more rough, on top of the scar tissue that develops as more HT accumulate. Thirdly, I don't think you know more than I do after over a year in contact with their clinic, simply by watching this guy's reviews. He is very informative. I just think that people should see experiences from a clinic from all angles, and with various patients' concerns and specific cases in mind. I genuinely wish it were just me freaking out. If 5 months from now all is right as rain and I love this HT, I will eat my words but based off what I've seen of my donor area, that isn't going to happen. Also maybe don't have such a condescending tone, as I wasn't attacking anyone.
  3. Hope you choose the right place for you, man! Just make sure you know and have seen the SURGEON's work extensively. You are aware of their scarring history and you see a few VIDEOS of client work after about a year. Sadly, I fell for flashy Instagram posts and let them blind me to the truth of the clinic I chose.
  4. I don't think that's the sole experience people will have but the review didn't feature any donor area scarring inspection. Didn't remark on the expertise of the surgeon, the experience of the technicians, etc. I am pretty sure this guy isn't a paid shill, I never implied such. He looks like he's just a blogger trying to make his way and find his place in a niche market. But I also want people to know the whole truth. Have negatives and positives and weigh them against one another. My experience is not only negative, it's left me feeling hopeless. So I would like to inform those who are considering going the full range of outcomes.
  5. That picture was post my 1st HT, the donor damage was noticeable but not horrific. I am post my 2nd HT now and they roughed me up really bad in this 2nd session. I was pulling flesh out from the sides of my head. Trust me, if it wasn't so bad I'd have just chilled out like after my 1st procedure. But I genuinely will have to change the way I style my hair for the rest of my life now just to avoid the intensive scarring.
  6. I'm using my own experience to interject that this clinic isn't ethical. They over harvest and use an abnormally large punch graft for the donor area. I have pictures of the spot-scarring which is massive. And they also don't tell you who is operating on you. Maybe OP had a great experience--but there's 2 sides to every coin and when I see so many people shamelessly hyping up this clinic without any attention paid to donor area, or the people actually performing the procedure, then yeah. I'm going to try to protect my brethren who might be vulnerable and fall for HOI's smoke and mirrors.
  7. Yep, he did. And he's terrible at doing anything but drawing a straight line. I kept telling them where my diffuse and patchy areas were--and they couldn't recognize them. Mind you, I can spot my own through the SMP I received and I'm not an 'expert' at this, I just have eyes. I think they specialize in either NW2's or NW6's. No inbetween. I was unfortunately more an NW 3/4 with some thinning in my crown and vertex. And I really wish I went somewhere with SURGEONS who knew how to recognize what I needed.
  8. Coming from someone who had 2 HT at a turkish hair mill because it's all I could afford--trust me, it's better to take your time and find the right place rather than jumping into it with whatever place will have you and you can swing. Be very very deliberate with your surgeon and make sure it's a result you're going to love. I currently have some pretty horrendous scars because I cut corners and that's something I'm going to have to live with for life.
  9. Mind DMing me your donor area? I've only hit the 4k mark and I know it's never 1 to 1, but honestly dude hearing about your story is giving me a good deal of hope.
  10. Melvin, Really cracking result, man! It's easy to lose perspective at times. The fact you were basically NW7 and now you're back to like a NW2 with nice, long hair is a major achievement unto itself. I'm shown results like these and reminded that perfection isn't something I should be striving for and honestly, being conservative with remaining grafts is a smart way to go. How many total grafts have you had placed to this point? How many procedures, just the one? I think I'm going to try dermarolling around the 6 month mark after my HT heals. Gonna look into oral Minox, too. We can use that in combination with Fin, right?
  11. Other celebs have gone to Cinik & HOI. Mind you, like d-list social media people. Honestly think they're just perk / attention whores.
  12. Yeah, but sadly I think their hype machine is flying off the rails. From what I heard, Floyd Mayweather just went there to get a HT so they'll get a ton of publicity *eyeroll*. As far as Cinik, I've seen some great results. And much less scarring. Anyway, that's where I was initially supposed to go but I changed my mind due to HOI's Instagram deception. Now I am where I am!! Tons of regret, and I could have had a FULL HEAD of hair for all the grafts HOI have wasted on such a small area while decimating my donor. No clue the size of their punch, I ask but they never give me straight answers. Their rep said 'there is only one size in the industry, we use the same size as everyone'. Genuinely wish I avoided Istanbul altogether and went somewhere with better credentials.
  13. Ross, Thanks so much, man. I feel really supported and welcome here. And yes, I want to share my story far and wide because HOI are corrupt and uncaring. They scarred my donor area at such an insane rate, I have no clue how any clinic in Istanbul is still using a graft punch that large in 2020!! I feel a bit raw still right now, so I'm unsure about reaching out to journalists. Maybe in a few weeks when I'm not feeling so exposed and vulnerable. It's my intention to share this information so noone else goes to this clinic. I hope they get discovered for who they really are and get shut down. I know there are lots of places selling false dreams and results, but this place has literally taken my confidence from me. They've robbed me of feeling like I'll ever have a full head of hair and depleted my donor to the point I don't think even with some of the best surgeons, I'll be at a place I could have if I just chose the right clinic off the bat. Appreciate your very kind words. I am going to try to be kinder to myself and those I love but it's hard. They've taken a lot from me. My hope is just that as a forum, we can ensure that no future hair loss sufferers end up here. There's lots of bloggers and the like also trying to hock HOI as a miracle clinic, too. For all the mixed things I've heard about Cinik and other 'hair mills', though, I've never seen anyone leave there with a donor as destroyed as mine. Thanks for reaching out, Ross.
  14. Kruchie, Thanks man. You're the one with the fantastic results from Cinik and DUT, right? I have some questions on Dutasteride, was thinking of trying it myself for my diffuse thinning. I'll message in a bit. Still having major non-cinik regret!!!
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