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  1. Covid as terrible as it sounds, is a very convenient time for men who have had a ht surgey in the past couple of months (i say this respectfully). It allows us to stay at home and recover. Regarding not using medication.. i understand where you are coming from and respect your decision. My hair loss in my family is very strong so that is why i am using 2 types of dht inbitors! Anyways, keep the updates coming, i will definitely check up on your progress from time to time my brother. Stay safe!
  2. My clinic told me that the scabs should come off between days 9-12 so I would say no bro. You are headed to the ugly duckling phase man prepare yourself mentally for this stage. It is terrible but I believe well worth it. I am currently in this stage myself. Quick question: Are you using any medications such as (finasteride, dutasteride, minoxidil, keto shampoo etc)? Hope everything turns out well.
  3. Yes, hopefully! The ugly duckling phase is horrendous but expected haha. Regarding the 2.25mg, I use two types of finasteride: 1mg from roman and a 5mg proscar tablet that I split into 4ths. So I will take 1 pill of 1mg fin and 1/4 of proscar tablet, which equals 2.25mg fin daily. Sorry for any confusion. And regarding dutasteride, I only take 3 capsules per week because just in case my hair loss resumes in the next 5, 10 or 15 years, I will have the option of using 0.5mg dut everyday, which will hopefully be strong enough to halt my balding in the future. And just to clarify, I have not experienced ANY sides from DHT Inhibitors. I am blessed.
  4. You're absolutely right about DHT Inhibitors. They really do work, I am 100% positive that without fin and/or dut, I would be a NW7. It is mind blowing how young men who get surgery opt to not use dht inhibitors. And yeah with all the money Wayne Rooney has, you'd think he have access to the best of the best BUT he choose not to use dht inhibitors and it has backfired on him. I appreciate the kind words, I will keep this forum updated!
  5. 1 MONTH POST OP PICTURES Alrighty you guys, it happened. I am truly experiencing the ugly duckling phase. I am not shocked or worried since I was expecting this to happen. I have been applying minoxidil 2x a day since day 15, so hopefully that helps the new hair grow faster. I am also still using finasteride 2.25mg every day along with dutasteride 0.5mg 3x a week. Please if anyone has any advice, tips or questions let me know. Hope everyone is staying safe. I will keep up with the monthly posts.
  6. To be honest I would use any of the regular, basic hair fibers that are on the market such as topic or febron. Note, that these hair fibers are pretty expensive but you can buy fibers on sites such as ebay that sell fibers that are relatively cheap. I highly believe that those fibers are generic branded hair fibers BUT in my opinion the definitely do the trick. I was just advising that if you had a reason to go out for like a date or something applying those fibers would conceal the thinning hairline. Anyways keep us posted brother!
  7. Have you thought about applying fibers just so that your hairline looks a bit more full? My thoughts are: yes the doctor hairline for you was inappropriate. Very low, straight and didn't use nearly enough grafts. With that being said using fibers should help out for the time. But if i were you, i'll look for another fue transplant. Good luck and thanks for being bold and posting your progress pics for everyone to see
  8. Amazing results. Have you been using any medications? Finasteride and/or minoxidil?
  9. Taking oral minoxidil is dumb man. Too fucking risky in my opinion. I'd rather be bald than to take ANY chances with my heart... but as you say, "it is your decision". I don't believe you can buy oral minoxidil without a prescription from a legit doc anyways.
  10. I would be careful consuming oral minoxidil. It is a lot more dangerous than topical. I have yet found a site that can sell oral minoxidil legally. Good Luck!
  11. Just wanted to say thanks to you I went to ASMED as well due to posts like yours. Cheers on your new hair man!
  12. Thank you for your optimism. My hair loss is rather extreme though. Having started when I was 15. My father and all of my uncles are bald. My mom and her mother even has recession as well. So that is why I highly recommend the use of DHT inhibitors! They really do work and I cannot comprehend why some men get transplants w/o the use of them. I understand some men might have sides, which is rather unfortunate.
  13. Dr. Koray said estimated that I have around 9000 grafts available to use for FUE. I just had a 3222 FUE procedure so that leaves approximately 5000 grafts available. Regarding punch size, I believe he used a 0.7mm punch.