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  1. 4 MO POST OP PICTURES Hello everyone, These are my 4th month post op pics. Please share any comments/opinions you guys might have.
  2. Looks amazing. If you added a tiny bit of toppik on your crown, your hairloss would be undectectable to 99.9% of ppl. Amazing results!
  3. Yeah I agree, your hair doesn't look bad at all man. I understand where you are coming from but to be honest, it looks good to me.
  4. I believe you would need 2000 - 2500. At least 2k, but it all depends on how much good donor you have left. Maybe utilize facial hair if your doctor likes that as an option to fill the crown out as well. Good luck!
  5. Thank you. I am very satisfied with my results so far!
  6. 3 MONTH POST OP PICS Let me know what you guys think! By the way, I have decided against shaving my hair for the sake of letting my hair grow out. I know I have to shave my sides but for now I have been letting my hairs grow. I could keep everything leveled but for now I will keep my hair growing as is
  7. Sometimes it's best to listen to your own intuition. I'm glad i did! Hopefully it'll all pay off
  8. Yeah fut was a no go for me. I am in the process of joining the military as an officer, so having to have my head shaved in the service made fut a guaranteed no. Thank god for medical advancements.
  9. Man I really am thankful for all of the uplift this community has provided me! I have heard that AA type of hair was indeed difficult to work with but maybe because I am half Mexican my hair was somewhat easier to deal with? Regarding my donor area, I absolutely love it! I cannot see any scarring at all, which is such a relief. And you are right, the pink recipient area is non detectable to others. I no longer stress going out in public without a hat Thanks for the comment and the Asmed team!
  10. I believe that you will indeed need another procedure to add density to the frontal region of your scalp. It does look like there has been some growth though!!! Keep us posted tho brother
  11. Hey there, I appreciate the kind words. Me at the (2.5 month approaching the 3month mark) is better than how I was before my transplant. It is so liberating to have done something about hair loss which has taken over the past 10 years of my life. I got a lot of shit for wanting to get a hair transplant from my family... funny how they all like my results now. I'm just glad I listened to myself, instead of shaving all my hair off. Anyways thanks for the positivity!
  12. Praying you are right brother 🙏 I will make sure to keep up with my monthly updates! Thanks for the comment.
  13. I like your 7 month post op pictures. Hair is filling out nicely. The donor area is indeed visible, but as long as it doesn't bother you, then there is nothing to worry about. Thank you for sharing!
  14. Hello JohnAC71, I appreciate the positive feedback! I am praying that you are right and that my outcome will look good. I am doing my best to give my hairs the best chance at growing. I am taking my dht inhibitors every single day, I use minoxidil, and a keto shampoo 4x a week. I also take multivitamins, fish oils, msm pills, eat a lot of fruits and veggies and drink a lot of water every single day. We are all in this together and if I can help anyone achieve good results, I do not mind sharing my updates. Stay tuned!
  15. I appreciate the positive feedback. I will make sure to give an update every single month so i can show/help anyone who is dealing with this dreadful issue. I will also keep up with my use of hair loss medications, thanks for the comment!
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