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  1. Yessir, i'll make sure to address that for my next post
  2. You're not being rude brother. Your question is valid but in all honestly, i guess i just mask out my eyes bc there's many weirdos on the net. You're prob right but it is what it is. Thanks for you nice comment though, i appreciate it!
  3. 8 MO RESULTS Hello brothers, I just wanted to update my page. Here are my 8mo pictures. I apologize but i took these pics without combing my hair. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask away. Love yall.
  4. Thank you for changing my life. Words cannot express to you how much this has meant to me :)
  5. Thank you brother. If it stopped improving today, i'd be very very happy with my results! Keep safe🙏
  6. I'm sorry, I'll post one asap. My donor area is 100% undetectable of a transplant. I'm dead serious, I guess that is why I never post pics of the donor area
  7. Yes sir, your thread motivated me to pull the trigger. I never have regretted this surgery not one bit!
  8. 7.5 Month results brothers. Let me know if anyone has questions. God bless
  9. Thank you very much brother for taking the time to respond. Your post sheds important info regarding the correlation og nicotine and hairloss. Blessings🙏
  10. Hey my fellow brothers, I had an important question to ask. Do you believe vaping nicotine can induce or increase hairloss while on dht inhibitors such as finasteride? I am just curious as to what you may know. Any info will be greatly appreciated!
  11. Yeah bro, if you are happy that is all that matters. It does seem a little light, in terms of what 4000+ grafts implanted should look like after 6+ months. Are you taking amy dht inhibitors? All positivity and truth my brother! Love your post!
  12. Thank you! This fourm and members (such as yourself) has helped me and so many men in so many ways. I only wished that more men would discover this amazing community. I will continue to support this fourm and answer any questions one may have 🙏
  13. Thanks! I am half black, half Mexican. So my hair texture is a little different. Asmed assured me that my hair texture shouldn't be an issue.
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