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  1. The different packages do have various levels of doctor and tech involvement. @TrixGlendevon made valid points about the ethics of packages and the difficulty in determining which results are part of which package. On a personal note, I was about to pay my deposit with Eugenix to schedule surgery with the "Premium" package when they presented me with the option to go with the "Duo Premium" package. It was a turn off. I'm not trying to be dramatic. Just stating how I feel.
  2. Eugenix also offers the "Duo Premium" package, where both of the head doctors operate on you. Not to sound patronizing, but obviously it would be in your best interest to get the most expensive package.
  3. When you say "revolving door of surgeons" do you mean that HLC replaces it's working team of doctors frequently?
  4. I don't think the "E" in FUE should be delegated. If some dentist had a tech do the drilling portion of his fillings, I wouldn't trust him, and that's a much less significant procedure than a HT. Having techs do actual surgical portions of a HT allows doctors to schedule more patients per day which equals more $$$. They never frame it that way, but we as prospective customers/patients don't have to play dumb.
  5. Your hair looks great and completely natural. Why did Dr. Feriduni think that area on your temple was "high risk/low reward"? I've seen cases from Feriduni where he lowered or altered hairlines on people who weren't even balding. Why is your little touchup a big deal? Seriously asking as I'm no expert and want to have a better understanding of these issues. Thanks.
  6. No. I think all of those are viable alternatives to obsessing about his hair. Every moment you spend worrying about your hair is a moment you aren't enjoying life to its fullest. If I had suggested something like "gender reassignment surgery with complete estrogen supplementation" then I would agree that was too extreme.
  7. @jami I don't think the hairline adjustment you've proposed in these recent photos is even worth doing. There's "conservative" and there's "why bother"?
  8. • RU58841 • CB-03-01 • Topical Finasteride or Dutasteride. You can get the topical Fin off Ebay. • PRP. Some claim this has given them positive results, but treatment has to be continued or the benefits fade. • Specialty topical mixes from a compounding pharmacy. Medical Wellness Center offers these, as do other online pharmacies. • Dermarolling • Shave your head • Hair systems
  9. Would you mind telling me why you rate them like that? You have some HT superstar names in there.
  10. Dr. Villa has techs do 100% of her extractions. This whole thing about Turkey BAD, [this area] of the world GOOD is starting to enter into the territory of offensive. It's "who" you go to, not "where" you go to that matters. Belgium isn't performing your surgery. Spain isn't performing your surgery.
  11. I use 1mg of Fin per day. Minoxidil foam mixed with a small amount of tretinoin once per day. 15mg of MK-677 once per day. I tried Dutasteride for 1 year to see if it gave me any noticeable benefit. It didn't. There's limited research that suggests topical finasteride may be almost as effective as taking it orally. Might be worth a try. I'm not recommending you treat yourself like a science experiment, and I don't want anyone to get horrible side effects. I just don't think there's any way around DHT being the worst enemy of our hair follicles.
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