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  1. Thank you for being open about your HT experience. I think it takes balls to continue documenting something like this, even when the results appear to be disappointing. I followed you from the beginning, and you seem like a patient and optimistic guy. Please don't get discouraged. It does seem like something went wrong with your procedure, though. Your poor growth could maybe (emphasis on "maybe") be attributed to physiology, not taking finasteride, and all the other reasons that are generally given, but why does your donor look patchy and over-harvested? That seems a little harder to make excuses for.
  2. Sorry, but from a hairloss perspective, I don't think healthy lifestyle makes a bit of difference. Pro athletes lose their hair all the time, while totally inactive slugs can keep heads of hair like Elvis for life. Genetics aren't fair, plain and simple. With the level of stress you're currently going through, and how badly it seems to be affecting you, maybe it would be worth it to give Finasteride a shot. Minoxidil doesn't actually address the underlying mechanism of hairloss.
  3. I believe the only thing that reflects a HT surgeon's skill and talent are his visible final results. Dr. Ferreira barely has any final results shown anywhere. I think that's pretty concerning, especially since there are people claiming he's "world class." How would they know?
  4. It looks like you have a mature hairline, not even really loss. The risk to reward might be unfavorable if you opt for a transplant. Maybe consider finasteride as a preventative measure, if you're willing.
  5. Not from recuperarelpelo. They only have a couple of unfinished cases by Dr. Ferreira, and are pretty hesitant to recommend him until more show up. Do you know of another forum with more of Ferreira's results?