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  1. @Portugal25 Info based on my recent consults. Konior - $12 (FUE) a few months ago. Bisanga - 5 euros per graft, including tax. You can get rid of the tax if you get a doctor to write a note saying that hairloss has negatively impacted your quality of life. Ximena Villa - 2 patients per day. Techs do all the extractions. Doctor does all the implantation. De Freitas - 3.5 Euros per graft. HLC - 2.7 Euros. Drops to 2.5 if you schedule 3 months out.
  2. @Portugal25 "Eugenix has a very good Doctor named Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika that is also good but not considered on the same level as her more experienced colleague." What are you basing this on? Both doctors started doing hair transplants at the same time. They're married and founded Eugenix together.
  3. @mustang Would you or any of your friends consider posting your Couto results here?
  4. This just isn't true. There are many cases presented by Couto himself, usually the same ones shown on his YouTube channel, but not firsthand patient testimonials. Last year, I got caught up in the Couto hype and tried to schedule surgery with him (I'm in the US). I asked his office if they had any patients they could get me in touch with to discuss their experience with him, particularly if he had done any work on someone with my hair type. They just told me to check out his YouTube channel. It was really miserable to get his office to answer any questions. When they did, there was a
  5. I personally don't like Eugenix offering different packages with varying levels of doctor involvement. I think it would be better for their patients and their brand in the long-run to just offer one price that gave the best surgical outcome possible. That being said, if you can afford their premium package, I think it's pretty obvious who you should go with. Eugenix has many amazing firsthand outcomes, and the ability to handle a wide range of hairloss levels.
  6. Eugenix has 3 different packages with varying levels of doctor involvement. They also have five locations and annoying salesmen posting on forums. *cough* not unlike some of the Turkish hairmills *cough* I haven't seen any Afro hair before and afters posted by Eugenix, so that might be worth considering. Afro hair is a real specific skill, and I'd want plenty of visual proof before choosing a doctor. @Portugal25 I think you have good intentions, but you're also biased as hell. Your number one recommendation is Dr. Ferreira. Remind me, how many results does he have posted anywhe
  7. @CJL I have very similar loss to you, as well as blonde hair, although mine is curly. I was recommended 3000-3500 grafts in many of my consultations, so apparently that's a standard NW3 number that doctors are throwing around for the hairline. I consulted with Dr. Ferreira. He certainly talks the talk, but I can't find much visual evidence that supports him being world class (maybe he will be in the future). If you aren't currently on any hairloss treatments, I would just give Finasteride a shot without anything else. If it works for you, then you may be able to skip the hassle
  8. Can I ask why you would have chosen Dr. Ferreira over HLC or Dr. Pekiner when it seems like he has limitations that they do not?
  9. Are you sure you're phrasing this correctly? By this logic everyone should never use any hair loss treatments and go as bald as possible before their HT. That way the surgeon will have a really good idea of the "empty area."
  10. I would be really wary of the hype around Couto at this point. He has very few direct patient reviews, even on the Spanish forums. Kinda weird if he's such a meistro. Also, there was a thread on here fairly recently where someone dredged up a photo posted from a Spanish forum--one from an actual Couto patient--and it was a pretty unimpressive result. I've also heard some conflicting reports about Dr. Lorenzo. Some are saying that they were the only patient he operated on for the day, and it was definitely him that did the surgery. It might be worth trying to get clarification from hi
  11. I've taken Dutasteride for years. Zero side effects. Maybe I'm unique or amazingly resilient, but I doubt it. If you're determined to get side effects, you will get side effects. From your weird and panic-laden posts I can't tell if you've already tried Finasteride and gotten side effects, or if you're just terrified of trying it and worried about side effects. You could also look into RU58841 or cb-03-01 as topical hair loss alternatives that have less systemic absorption.
  12. I don't think it's productive to scare young guys into going bald when they don't have to. You were going ballistic with the side-effects.
  13. I've taken Finasteride for two weeks. In that time I noticed that my dick has retracted into my body and my testicles have shriveled to the size of small raisins. I'm undecided if my sex life has changed or stayed the same.
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