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  1. bump. would like to know this as well I feel like TRT could help combat symptoms of Fin
  2. For OP, You stated you are not using Minoxidil or Fin. So what are you thinking will happen long term or what did Hasson recommend ? Should there be some concern that the hair behind the new hairline will continue to receed? I personally wouldn't want to use Fin either, but it would be hard to let hair like that go ! What are your thoughts with the matter and what is the strategy going forward?
  3. Hey awesome thread. I do not mean to hi jack the thread, but I have been dying to get my HT done as well, but cannot travel to Canada due to Covid. Based on my research it seems like Hasson is top quality. In your research in HT did you find any doctors in US that would produce the same quality as Hasson? Also what is your opinion on Dr Hasson vs Dr Wong ?
  4. Who are you impressed by in FUE ?
  5. thanks I was considering this doctor, but not anymore I do not trust any pics posted by doc. Need real unbiased stories
  6. who is next best option in California ?
  7. I would like a more aggressive, straight across hairline. Natural looking of course.
  8. FUE I have spoken to Dr Wong as well, but haven’t been able to speak to Dr Hasson yet.
  9. Hello, New to the forum. I am scheduling my first hair transplant. I am 27 year old with fine, brown hair. Norwood 2-3. Looking at 3000 graft for reconstruction of hairline, temple region I have read through a lot of patient reviews, but for myself would you recommend Dr Hasson or Dr Wong and for what reasons? Thank you for the help I appreciate every comment.
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