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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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  1. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Thank you! I'm very happy so far. I am a little nervous about losing some hair in the future. I'm going to be 32 this year. I'll continue to update the thread with better pictures.
  2. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Thank you! Clinics should use professional pictures I'll try to post good quality pictures as time goes by.
  3. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Day 2: I removed the bandages. I washed my head with baby shampoo. Stubborn marker
  4. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    It's been a year and one week since the first one. haha. I didn't want to wait any longer.
  5. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Thank you! I'm so excited, and can't wait for it to grow. Nader did say that I may have needed more grafts for more density. I received 1900 on the first HT. I was fine with that because that's were doctors were saying when I went to different consultations in LA. When Nader was drawing the squares he counted inside the boxes to see how many grafts per box. He counted 35-40 per square. I think the first time it was 30, but I'm not so sure. I hope I don't need another HT. haha
  6. memzinla

    HT#2 with Dr. Nader

    Thank you! Here is a picture before the first transplant and a before and after. Widow's peaks were filled and the hairline was lowered. Today went by super fast! I was picked up by Santos around 7:40am, and we arrived with Nader around 8:10am. I told him that I wanted the same area filled and he outlined the same area where it looked thin. He asked me what I thought about the outline, and I told him to add a little more. This part was quick compared to last time as I knew what I wanted. I received 1500 grafts. I believe he and the nurses started with the anestesia and removing the grafts around 9am. There was music playing in the background, and then I was asked if I wanted tacos or a salad for lunch. I chose the tacos again. This part was done at 11am. I ate, and he started inserting the grafts around 11:40am. I just watched local TV, and everything was done at 2pm. He explained everything again, asked me if I had questions, and Santos picked me up around 2:40pm. I don't feel any pain, and I feel really good. I fly back to Los Angeles tomorrow in the afternoon.
  7. Hello!! I'm going to have my 2nd hair transplant with Dr. Nader tomorrow (January 11, 2019). I'm writing right now from the hotel. It has a new name now! It's called Wyndham now. Everything has been great so far. I flew in from Los Angeles, and there were no direct flights to McAllen this time. I had to fly to Vegas and then to McAllen. So I felt like I needed another 2nd HT because my hair didn't become as dense as I wanted. I DO see a difference in my hair, but I do wish it was dense. I don't really feel comfortable doing my hair back or to the sides. I've been leaving it to the front. Here's my hair as of now.
  8. The temples are actually very good and thick compared to the transplanted hairs on widows peaks.
  9. Thank you! :) I was happy with the results at first, and felt like I was doing very good. I’m now at month 9 and to me the hair is pretty thin on the new hairline. The hairs on the side temples are thick compared to my natural hair there. It’s interesting, it stands out from the rest. I think I’m still seeing some growth. I noticed a very small hair that just started to grow, and it’s thick. I hope more start to grow like that. Right now I’m still trying to figure out how to style my hair. I’ve always been bad with styling my hair, and now I’m still confused. Haha. I would love to get a second session if it doesn’t become thicker. I really want dense hair on my hairline. Right now when I style my hair up, you can see my original hairline because in the new one it’s not as full.
  10. Nope, nothing has grown.
  11. Nice! We are 2 months apart. The person that cuts my hair told me that my hair felt thicker around month 8, but I think it's the same. Let's see how it goes next month.