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  1. unfortunately, it seems to me that they have pressed more than they should have, wait for another month and a half - two, you will also have had a bit of shock loss, but I have the impression that the withdrawals are too many and made even in malo way.
  2. @happyandsad If your concern is the curious glances of people, especially at the Istanbul airport, I can calmly tell you to stay calm, in Istanbul, especially the locals are used to seeing hundreds of people with headbands and hats on their head, many know that in Turkey you go there as well as to see the beauties of the city also to do hair transplants. Your concern should instead be to rely on certified clinicians and surgeons, there is a myriad of pseudo-clinics where, if you mess up, you could find yourself ruined for life. I can advise you to choose well so who will have to put your hands on your head and not give a damn about everything else. Good luck
  3. @hairtargeter Try also to post some photos of the pre-intervention and some of you are now, maybe the veteran members of this community will be able to tell if you can really worry or not.
  4. @Traveller99 it is still too early to say if it went well or to be alarmed, from this month onwards the strong regrowth should restart. Good luck
  5. in reality your expectation is right, focused on wanting maximum density on the hairline, because it is the first thing you notice when you interface with people, to have total coverage but low density, in my humble opinion It is not a good strategy for a transplant, at least for people with a degree of baldness like yours.
  6. My friend, if the doctor Yavuz you are referring to is Ziya Yavuz, forget it, I have a very bad experience with him, dating back to 2016, if you want to write to me privately, I'll tell you a little bit about my horrible experience.
  7. @Fred88 As already written in other threads, I can tell you that I think Pekiner is one of the top surgeons out there, the fact that he does the whole procedure without leaving anything to his assistants, is a guarantee, the fact that he uses a manual punch instead of a motorized one, where the bulb is subjected to more stress, it is another guarantee, moreover the fact that I personally have not yet seen around on the web a failed procedure made by this surgeon, if not that of the member of this Forum Dredd77 seems to me to be called, but apparently in that transplant, it seems that the patient has not followed to the letter the advice given by the doctor.
  8. I also follow Pekiner on other forums, I can tell you that I haven't seen a single report from some user who has worked with this doctor and gone wrong. If I had the economic possibility I would have chosen him too. You will see that you will have an excellent result.
  9. @briharvey78 No machine , but a person, it is still very early to tell how my transplant will go, I am not even one month post transplant, you know that the time is long and it is from the fourth month post that you can have a idea, you are right when you say that there are people who are not happy with their transplant from Cinik, but this is a risk that you run by choosing low cost, and even if after years of study on the various forums I realized that it also takes a good dose of luck and that transplantation is a subjective thing that varies from person to person.
  10. During my procedure this was not the case, at the end of an explantation a female assistant came in (I noticed her particularly because she wore the veil that covered her face, a typical Turkish garment) that she sat on and yes after counting the grafts that had been extracted, they told me how many they had extracted from the neck, how many from the beard and how many from the chest.