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  1. That's is a great result mate! Everything is looking just awesome. Did you take any Prp sessions after the surgery??
  2. Your results are looking just wow! Keep going mate! Would also love to see how the FUT scar is looking at this stage. Also how many PRP sessions have you taken after the HT??
  3. Thanks for the advise and it totally makes sense. Why rush into something! I am certainly now going to wait for atleast couple of months or maybe till 7-8 month mark, before going for microneedling. Thanks again & keep up the good work
  4. Hi I have been following both your HT as well as your microneedling journeys and I must you've had a very pleasant results in both the things. I feel happy looking at your posts. I myself had a repair HT 3 months ago & hoping to get it right this time. According to you , how many months should one wait before starting a microneedling regime after a ht?? My doc suggested 3months post op would be just fine.
  5. So how long, according to you ,one should wait before lifting the weights after a FUHT surgery??
  6. Looks great man! I see some early growth there . I would love to see how the donor is looking like after 3months.
  7. I've been wondering the same thing as I had a FUT surgery 7weeks ago. How long should I wait before lifting the weights?