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  1. Hi, Kindly find the below details: Exclusive Package Cost of Rs. 120/graft*: Planning, designing and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below Designing the hairline. Crucial parts of extraction. Supervision of implantation steps Crucial steps of implantation Supervision of graft placement assisted by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians. Value-added benefits Nitrous oxide anaesthesia (optional): ensures conscious sedation, extremely safe, make anaesthesia step even more painless Airport transfer, Staying and food for two nights are complimentary. 18% GST is extra. Comprehensive Package Cost of Rs. 75/graft*: Planning and designing with 100 % involvement by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Slits of aesthetically vital areas like hairline/crown/temple are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Rest of the slits and process are completed by Junior doctors / Dr Priyadarshani Das/ Dr Alok Sahoo of Eugenix who are experienced, hand-picked and trained by Dr Pradeep Sethi and Dr Arika Bansal. Value-added benefit Airport transfer, Staying and food for ONE night are complimentary. (Beyond 1 night, discounted rates apply.) 18% GST is extra.
  2. Hi, If there is some difficult area where if needed to extract the grafts (for example the very thin hair from the nape of the neck for the hairline), Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika do that themselves, otherwise our other highly skilled and experienced doctors do that step. Also, in some places where the angles and curl of the transplanted hair is of utmost importance, the doctors do the needful and plant the grafts as well.
  3. Dr Pradeep Sethi MBBS, MD(AIIMS, New Delhi) Professor Dermatology/Hair Transplantation Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix Hair Sciences is an alumni of AIIMS, New Delhi, India and specialises in hairline design, density creation, corrective hair transplantation, extreme cases of baldness and female hair transplantation. He has more than 10 years of experience in hair transplant and hair loss management. Dr Sethi along with his team has performed over 5000 patients with baldness since 2010 with nearly 100% of success rate and hence has happy patients. His venture Eugenix Hair Sciences, offer hair transplant surgery at international standards and uses the revolutionary DHT - Direct Hair Transplant technique, invented and mastered by him and his wife Dr Arika Bansal, MD(AIIMS, New Delhi). Singapore Visit : 17th Aug to 20th Aug, 2019. Dr. Sethi has been invited by his past patients to Singapore for a meet. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to meet Dr Sethi in person regarding hair issues. Dr Sethi will be explaining in and out regarding hair fall and hair transplant. Date is 17th august 2019 to 20th august 2019. Place: Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, 22 orange grove road, Singapore 2558350.
  4. @MarkyH Thank you for reviewing our case and drawing a point. I had a discussion with our doctors, and they are aware of this. This patient had curlier side of hair and curly thick hair would give this kind of a slight “coarse” look in stead of “soft” look that happens in all our patients having straighter hair. If you study all our past posts, you would witness the same. Our doctors ensure that they use at least 400-500 carefully chosen single hair in very irregular fashion to give the softer look. Our doctors are very religious about this! One more point I learnt from the doctors that this index patient had combed the hair up, so the look has also become a bit hard. However, I must appreciate your minutest observations on the hair line, which is really rare for most of the patients and many doctors as well!
  5. Visions of Eugenix founders: The practice of hair transplant was started way back in 2010 by Drs. Pradeep Sethi and Arika Bansal in the city of Dehradun and Rishikesh (beautiful spiritualized cities in the foothills of the Himalayas). Being Dermatologists, their focus was concentrated on treating skin disorders mainly. They both have special inclinations for common subjects in Dermatology which were Dermatopathology (diagnosing skin diseases through biopsies and histopathological examinations through microscopes) and Dermatosurgeries (doing vitiligo surgeries, excusing cysts, basal cell carcinomas etc). They started performing the Strip technique (FUT) in 2010 but entirely switched over the FUE technique later. Dr Pradeep had always obsessed with increasing patient comfort and elevating his experience with Eugenix as the best in terms of hospitality and care. Whereas, Dr Arika focused on improvising the technique, instrumentation, skills and consequently the results. In 2014 they realised that they can't do justice to Dermatology practice in terms of time & effort required but instead focusing on hair can help them alleviate their proficiency. They made a point to attend the international ISHRS meetings and workshops held annually in USA and other parts of the world. They also became active members of the Indian association of hair restoration surgeons. Dr Arika decided to increase her knowledge and accreditation by taking the exam of American Board of Hair restoration surgeons (ABHRS) and becoming the third Indian Diplomate of ABHRS in 2014. They set up centres in Mumbai and other cities in their pursuit for furtherance of their work. Dr Pradeep became mentor for hair transplant fellowship for fellowship training program provided by the Indian association of Dermatologists for sometime; and later became professor of Hair transplant at DY Patil University, Maharashtra. The soul of their pursuit remains with providing best services and results to their hair loss and hair transplant patients. (In Telford, London. Birthplace of the term Eugenics/Eugenix)
  6. Hair loss is an exceptionally a basic issue that a number of people suffer from. When you are thinking about how to avoid hair thinning, there are some things you should do to take care of your hair naturally. Hair may be dead but you should know how to maintain them. Losing a couple of strands of hair is ordinary and not something you should stress over, In case, if there is a notable amount of hair fall at that point it can cause you some worry. Hair consist of protein. Hair fall and its causes can be noticed clearly in most of the situations. However, the best hair transplant clinics are available in Mumbai with the best techniques. Listed below are some of the tips to take care of your hair naturally: Oversee the quantity of oil in your hair: A lot of amount of oil in your hair can cause problems like dandruff because of the weather conditions, this dilutes the scalp of your hair and causes it to fall. The best and easy way is to use a shampoo that is rich in Neem and Aloe vera. These elements will help keep your scalp crisp which in return will reduce the quantity of oil in your hair. Caution: Wet Hair: Your hair becomes weak when it is wet. Wet hair is often neglected when considering the aspects of what causes hair thinning. Let your hair dry naturally is the best way. In case if you want to comb your hair when it is wet a wide-toothed comb is the best solution. If you apply too much force while combing with other brushes it may harm your hair. Let your hair dry naturally, drying them with artificial heating and drying methods can make your hair fragile. In case if you have a habit of combing your hair frequently you should stop that because it can damage your hair. Consume less alcohol and cigarettes: Immoderate alcohol intake can reduce your hair growth, the people suffering from hair fall should reduce their alcohol intake Smoking reduced blood flow in the scalp. So this is a heads up for those people who are suffering from hair loss and consume an excessive amount of alcohol and cigarettes. Think twice before putting it in your hair: There are a number of hair products we get now a day like hair color and hair gels that contain a lot of chemicals that can be dangerous for your hair. When you use these kinds of products make sure that they are from a well-known company, avoid using products from an unknown source as they may contain harmful chemicals. At times hair loss can be caused due to medicines so be sure that you take medicines subscribed only by your doctor. In the case of the care procedure post hair transplant, you should only take medicines that are prescribed by your doctor and not consider taking anything unprescribed. Healthy eating: A healthy diet plays an important role for the people who are suffering from hair loss. Vitamin A helps with sebum production, vitamin B helps maintain the healthy look of your hair and vitamin E betters blood circulation in the scalp. Vitamin A and B can be found in meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products while Vitamin E is found mainly in vegetable oil, wheat germ, nuts, nut butter, and seeds. To make your hair strong you need to eat protein-rich food product. Hair loss can happen due to a lot of reasons there is nothing specific. One can only protect their hair by taking care of them. One of the most important times to take care of your hair is after a hair transplant: when you’re considering What to do post hair transplantation operation, you should consider this aspect. In case if there is excessive hair fall and damage is done to your hair the only way to make it fine is a hair transplant in India, from the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai.
  7. When people think about their losing hair, often times a thought sparks in the mind about getting a wig to replace all of the hair loss. This might be a solution and might make you feel good in the short term, but here is why getting a wig is not a permanent solution and is not something you should consider pursuing in the quest for better hair. Thinking about the nature of a wig, it cannot be a permanent solution because you have to consistently update the wig and get renewed wigs different wigs every time. A hair transplant surgery is once and is final, whereas a wig is recurring and is not final. One of the apprehensions that people have when considering a hair transplant surgery is that there is a lot of blood involved with the surgery but the reality is that there is no blood loss involved in a hair transplant surgery. Skin problems – Wearing a wig causes skin irritation and itching and is not a permanent solution because it causes scalp itchiness and redness and irritation. On the other hand, if you were to go through a surgery, Aren’t done by trusted doctors – A wig is not made by a doctor that is well trusted and has years of experience and training doing something repeatedly. Doesn’t solve the problem – Wigs are inherently a short term solution and don’t address the actual problem, the problem is that there is not enough hair on someone’s head and a wig is simply window dressing to cover up this aspect rather than offering an actual well thought out solution. Can lead to even more hair fall – Wearing a wig can actually lead to even more hair fall than normal. Wearing a wig stresses the hair follicles at the base, which makes it a problem for someone who is concerned with their natural hair and increasing their number of hair follicles. Stress on the hair follicle causes the hair follicles to gradually weaken and eventually fall out of their natural place. The excess stress on the hair follicle is not good for existing hair follicles as well as subsequent hair growth. Regular Maintenance – Wigs require a consistent and constant investment, they’re expensive and need to be renewed after a while. In the long run, a hair transplant could actually prove to be a better investment than a wig. If you’re considering the cost of a hair transplant in Mumbai then it might actually be beneficial to get a hair surgery than it would be to get a wig. If you’re looking for a better solution than wigs then you might want to look for a hair transplant in Delhi or Hair transplant clinics in Mumbai.
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