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  1. Hi, Kindly find the below details: Exclusive Package Cost of Rs. 120/graft*: Planning, designing and 100% slits are done by Dr Pradeep Sethi and/or Dr Arika Bansal. Complete involvement includes below Designing the hairline. Crucial parts of extraction. Supervision of implantation steps Crucial steps of implantation Supervision of graft placement assisted by our expertly trained and experienced senior technicians. Value-added benefits Nitrous oxide anaesthesia (optional): ensures conscious sedation, extremely safe, make anaesthesia step even more painless
  2. Hi, If there is some difficult area where if needed to extract the grafts (for example the very thin hair from the nape of the neck for the hairline), Dr Pradeep and Dr Arika do that themselves, otherwise our other highly skilled and experienced doctors do that step. Also, in some places where the angles and curl of the transplanted hair is of utmost importance, the doctors do the needful and plant the grafts as well.
  3. Dr Pradeep Sethi MBBS, MD(AIIMS, New Delhi) Professor Dermatology/Hair Transplantation Senior Hair Transplant Surgeon Dr Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix Hair Sciences is an alumni of AIIMS, New Delhi, India and specialises in hairline design, density creation, corrective hair transplantation, extreme cases of baldness and female hair transplantation. He has more than 10 years of experience in hair transplant and hair loss management. Dr Sethi along with his team has performed over 5000 patients with baldness since 2010 with nearly 100% of success rate and hence has happy patients. His ven
  4. @MarkyH Thank you for reviewing our case and drawing a point. I had a discussion with our doctors, and they are aware of this. This patient had curlier side of hair and curly thick hair would give this kind of a slight “coarse” look in stead of “soft” look that happens in all our patients having straighter hair. If you study all our past posts, you would witness the same. Our doctors ensure that they use at least 400-500 carefully chosen single hair in very irregular fashion to give the softer look. Our doctors are very religious about this! One more point I lear
  5. Visions of Eugenix founders: The practice of hair transplant was started way back in 2010 by Drs. Pradeep Sethi and Arika Bansal in the city of Dehradun and Rishikesh (beautiful spiritualized cities in the foothills of the Himalayas). Being Dermatologists, their focus was concentrated on treating skin disorders mainly. They both have special inclinations for common subjects in Dermatology which were Dermatopathology (diagnosing skin diseases through biopsies and histopathological
  6. Hair loss is an exceptionally a basic issue that a number of people suffer from. When you are thinking about how to avoid hair thinning, there are some things you should do to take care of your hair naturally. Hair may be dead but you should know how to maintain them. Losing a couple of strands of hair is ordinary and not something you should stress over, In case, if there is a notable amount of hair fall at that point it can cause you some worry. Hair consist of protein. Hair fall and its causes can be noticed clearly in most of the situations. However, the best hair transplant clinics a
  7. When people think about their losing hair, often times a thought sparks in the mind about getting a wig to replace all of the hair loss. This might be a solution and might make you feel good in the short term, but here is why getting a wig is not a permanent solution and is not something you should consider pursuing in the quest for better hair. Thinking about the nature of a wig, it cannot be a permanent solution because you have to consistently update the wig and get renewed wigs different wigs every time. A hair transplant surgery is once and is final, whereas a wig is recurr
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