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Vision of Eugenix founders

Eugenix Hair Science


Visions of Eugenix founders:



The practice of hair transplant was started way back in 2010 by Drs. Pradeep Sethi and Arika Bansal in the city of Dehradun and Rishikesh (beautiful spiritualized cities in the foothills of the Himalayas). Being Dermatologists, their focus was concentrated on treating skin disorders mainly. They both have special inclinations for common subjects in Dermatology which were Dermatopathology (diagnosing skin diseases through biopsies and histopathological examinations through microscopes) and Dermatosurgeries (doing vitiligo surgeries, excusing cysts, basal cell carcinomas etc).


They started performing the Strip technique (FUT) in 2010 but entirely switched over the FUE technique later. Dr Pradeep had always obsessed with increasing patient comfort and elevating his experience with Eugenix as the best in terms of hospitality and care. Whereas, Dr Arika focused on improvising the technique, instrumentation, skills and consequently the results.


In 2014 they realised that they can't do justice to Dermatology practice in terms of time & effort required but instead focusing on hair can help them alleviate their proficiency. They made a point to attend the international ISHRS meetings and workshops held annually in USA and other parts of the world. They also became active members of the Indian association of hair restoration surgeons. Dr Arika decided to increase her knowledge and accreditation by taking the exam of American Board of Hair restoration surgeons (ABHRS) and becoming the third Indian Diplomate of ABHRS in 2014. They set up centres in Mumbai and other cities in their pursuit for furtherance of their work. Dr Pradeep became mentor for hair transplant fellowship for fellowship training program provided by the Indian association of Dermatologists for sometime; and later became professor of Hair transplant at DY Patil University, Maharashtra.


The soul of their pursuit remains with providing best services and results to their hair loss and hair transplant patients.     


                                                                                          (In Telford, London. Birthplace of the term Eugenics/Eugenix) 




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