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  1. It is entirely normal for growth to come in unevenly, it will sort itself out. Having said that, at only 3.5 months you'll see more growth EVERYWHERE you had grafts implanted.
  2. I had the same, they all shed/started to grow, it's completely normal as far as I'm aware.
  3. I know that people get fue scars smp'd so I dont think it would be an issue. If anyone knows better, please correct me. I believe you can get temporary smp that lasts 3-5 years or ink that needs top ups every few years. I'd be really interested to see your results augmented with smp, I think it would make such a good cosmetic difference, provided you find a practitioner that really knows what they're doing. Aside from that though, great stuff you going through 3 surgeries on your journey, and once the beard grafts start to resemble scalp hair more, it'll get even better.
  4. The last pictures you posted are a huge improvement. Have you considered getting smp? I think smp into your entire scalp /donor/recipient/sides will push this over the line.
  5. Hey Jayking I had my procedure with Dr Bhatti on April 25th , so about 3.5 months ago. His facilities are really nice and really professional. There must have been at least ten techs running around as everything was being set up for my transplant, feels a bit odd being the person that all that activity is centred around but it was a good experience. I arrived in Chandigarh on a Wednesday morning and had my procedure on the Thursday. I then went back to the clinic on the Friday for a check up. I then spent a week in Dr Bhatti's villa in Kasauli which is about an hour's drive away, Kasauli is a Himilayan hill station. It cost me about £16 a day for rent and less than £5 a day for the cook/cleaner who lives next door and she's really nice. I had the entire villa to myself ,it sits on a hill in this beautiful valley, it's very relaxing to sit on the balcony or roof and just watch Indian people go about their lives whilst you recover from your procedure. I highly reccommend it. After spending the week there I went back to Chandigarh and stayed in the same hotel, which is The Glades (discount for Bhatti patients, ask Shera to do that for you) Was only there for a couple of days and then flew back to London, UK. The hotel is nice, friendly staff, cheapish around £30 a night. All my car journeys (picked up at airport/taken to clinic/journey to and from Kasauli/journey to airport) were in a car provided by the clinic, with 2 of Dr Bhatti's really nice drivers. That's all free of charge but obviously a tip for the driver wouldnt go amiss, I didnt tip everytime, just when it came to going back to the airport to go home. I wouldnt say there was a culture shock for me, London is pretty diverse but I must admit my first impressions of Chandigarh werent great, lots of litter and building rubble everywhere but you get used to it and it has zero reflection on Dr Bhatti's facilities, they are pristine. I really enjoyed my time out there and I would definitely advise you to spend a couple of weeks as i did, for a couple of reasons. 1) If you're going to go to India for a hair transplant then you might as well make the most of it, it's a crazy place. 2) I wanted time to allow my head to look relatively unscathed by the time i went back home (crusts off etc) and didnt want to be flying soon after because of swelling/bumping my head into overhead luggage compartments etc. There isnt really anything to be nervous about, everything is taken care of for you and the people you deal with in the clinic speak great English. I went through Mumbai,New Delhi and Chandigarh airports, all very clean etc as good as any other airport you've probably been to. As for the actual procedure, i was pretty much asleep the whole time, I was expecting it to be possibly long and drawn out/boring etc but the anaesthetic knocked me out, felt zero pain. Only sensation I felt were a few of the incisions made into my crown by Dr Bhatti, every other aspect of the procedure i was completely oblivious to. They will certainly look after you the entire time you are in the country, even the clinic's drivers make very sure to warn you not to bump your head as you get in and out of the car. Definitely bring a travel pillow that goes around your neck so you can sleep upright to protect your grafts, I really had no issues sleeping. Sorry if this was somewhat of a ramble but i saw your post and felt I had advice that was relevant so just jumped into it. Feel free to ask me anything else but that's all i could think of at the moment.