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  1. Thanks so much for your input, it gives me so much more confidence hearing such positive words from past patients. im sure il be the one dishing out the positive words in a year from now. 🙏
  2. Hi all, I have pretty much decided i am going to go ahead and book my HT with Eugenix, i have been in contact with them and received some quotes. While i am not really going to allow cost to be my deciding factor, there is a substantial difference per graph between the two doctors, 210 - 120. I would appreciate and feedback from anyone who's had personal experience with either of these doctors. thanks a lot.
  3. Hey mate, thanks for that. I booked directly, i will try contact Shera. Thanks again
  4. Hey, So ive been a member of this community for years where i jump in and out sporadically, with the intention of going through with going for a HT, i have finally taken the plunge and booked Dr Bhatti, i am scheduled for the 28th of august (feeling nervous). I am travelling from Australia solo, just looking for some advice for when i get there, like what hotel to book, is it worth staying there for a couple of days after the procedure, or any tips from anyone who has been to Dr Bhattis clinic? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey guys quick question if anyone has any experience with this, so I started using Dutasteride about 6 weeks ago now 500mcg daily! But all that seems to be happening is my hair is shedding much more now, I can literally pull out 10 hairs with 2 fingers! So not sure if this a natural process, or is it just a case that this isn't for me and I should just quit now! Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks a lot mate I have had a look at this guys work, he looks amazing, everything looks so natural afterwards and the scarring seems minimal, how long were you waiting after you booked in with to get the procedure done??
  7. Thanks for the input mate, have you any pics I could see?
  8. Hey mate, yes I would like someone near me but I will travel to wherever I need to go, as far as the budget goes I will pay what I have too to get the best treatment, and also I can wait that time no probs, so I don't really have many restrictions just want to get the best treatment possible, any idea what price I would be looking at for 1700 graphs from a top doc? Thanks for your help!
  9. Ok thanks a lot mate, i will do some research on him!
  10. Thanks for your reply mate, but what I'm trying to find out is there any one single doctor that is know. To be at the top of the field, or maybe a couple of guys who are known as the best, it's just that I don't wanna just go on what I think of everyone's results!! Plus I'm not sure is there any other factors that I need to take into account that I don't know about! Sorry if I sound like a complete noob!
  11. Hi guys, can someone send me some links to some highly regarded fue dr's, Im looking to get fue been told I need approx 1700 graphs, but I wear my hear quite tight around the back and sides like 1 blade, just want to see if this will still be possible after a ht! Thanks in advance Ps this site is so hard to navigate around, Prob need more like 3000 graphs by the time im finished here ??
  12. Hi guys I'm looking at getting a ht, im currently in Australia so thinking of going to dr path, from what I've read by all accounts he seems to held in high regard, my question is fut or fue, I have e mailed them some pics and they have given me an estimation of 1700 graphs so not a huge amount, but what my issue is, is that I generally wear my hair short at back and sides, 1 blade! Is this going to be completely out of the question after I get the procedure done? If anyone has been in a similar situation I would appreciate some feedback or just some general feedback on dr path would be good also! Thanks in advance guys!
  13. hey mate this is a stupid question but how do i start a new thread can seem to find the button????

  14. We'll as far as fut goes I've read that it can leave quite a scar, and I keep my hair pretty short at the back and sides so I don't think that's an option for me, yeah as far as the meds are concerned, I basically I just want to know what the best to use, I've been to advanced hair studio here in Australia and they put me 5% minox and some of their own brand shampoo and some herbal tabs, a bit suspect I think, I really should of done a bit more research on these guys before hand, as I've since read pretty bad reviews about them, I've started to see this finstrade pop up since I've started to research properly?? Sorry bout all the questions mate but I really am new to this!! Ps I've been using the minoxidole for approx 6 months now, not sure if it's doing a whole lot for me!!!
  15. Thanks mate, do you know anything about Dr Rahal, Its just I've got an online consultation with him coming up soon?? Also do you mind if ask you some questions about meds??