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  1. Martino, If you are having difficulty with some fields or getting the required documents to the required format, drop me an email and I'll help you. The last thing you want is submitting an incorrect application, you will in most cases lose your fee.
  2. Hi Martino, I know of quite a few patients who have had minor work to their temples and their frontal hairlines reinforced and have managed to keep the whole thing a secret. The only thing they did was change their hairstyle prior to the hair transplant by growing their hair long on top so it flops down in a fringe like fashion. Almost like a grunge unkept style. The same for the back so the extraction areas can be hidden if need be. This has allowed them to hide the redness and the implanted areas, a bit of fixing spray may also come in handy. If you do have prolonged redness then you could pass this off as a rash. You will find that most if not all people in the workplace will not even notice it at all, they are far too busy with their own lives.
  3. Rocketmas has actually stated he is in India right now so there doesn't seem to be any far off medical trip involved. Rocketmas, I get your point with the shabby HT's, there's only really a handful of international clinics in India but then again the same could also be said for Canada, USA, UK, Turkey etc etc. Personally I send many people from the UK and beyond to Dr Bhatti and the vast majority end up with real decent results. I can put you through to ex patients or I can arrange a consultation for you in person. I suppose if you're in India anyway you may as well spend a day visiting the clinic, meeting Dr Bhatti and getting a feel for the place and then you'll know for sure whether its right for you. Feel free to contact me if you need any further info. All the best.
  4. Shera

    Angry sikh

    Hi Satinder, I'm so glad you are happy with your repair surgery from Dr Bhatti and that you appear to have your confidence back. I'm sure Dr Bhatti and the team will be ecstatic. It does appear that near on 100% of the grafts implanted by Dr Bhatti seem to have grown out. This does eliminate the theory of bad skin tissue caused by Sikh Alopecia being the possible cause of the 2 previously failed surgeries you had, as mentioned on a previous post. Anyway, time to move on and enjoy your life. All the best my friend.. Shera
  5. Shera

    Is it MPB or hair maturation ??

    Hi Arjun, You might want to compare your photos with photos from the last few years to see whether your hairline has receded a touch. It is possible that there is some recession in your hairline even at such a young age. So, compare with previous photos and if it is fairly obvious then consider taking meds to help delay any further loss (Finasteride/Minoxidil) . See your GP.
  6. Shera

    PRP Treatment

    Hi Raashuae, It may be wise to save the money you are intending to blow on PRP and put it towards a hair transplant surgery. PRP will not bring back hair that has long since gone. Post some pictures so we can give you the best advice. Hold fire on the PRP for now.
  7. Looking great Mick, top man!
  8. Any more than 1500-2000 grafts then you really should consider shaving the lot off, it'll be a a lot easier for the surgical team working on a blank canvas and it'll be a lot easier for you to manage post surgery. Also no shave is a lot easier if you are just having implants in an area where you can grow hair longer in other parts to cover the surgery area, in your case that will be challenging. Also there is a risk of shock loss to the native hairs in and around the implantation area, the worst case scenario being you will end up looking much the same as you are now sooner rather than later post op with your implanted hairs replacing your shocked native hairs. If you are prepared to take Finasteride pre op then this will give your native hairs a better chance of survival. For you to achieve the best aesthetic result then surgery coupled with meds will be best in my opinion. Also as mentioned already, Finasteride usage over just a few months might recover your hair to an extent where you deem surgery a redundant option altogether for the time being. I understand your concerns about the drugs but I know many users of Finasteride who do not appear to have any side effects. I'm sure drinking excessively and smoking are far far worse for you yet these are perfectly accepted as the norm, yet would they be approved by the FDA if they were medicines........I think not. Finally, if you do go ahead, and you can squeeze another week out of your employer (if your'e in the US then taking blood out of a stone may be easier), then after 3 weeks you might be able to get away with some clever use of hair fibres.
  9. You are right, he should have more growth for 7 months, just as well its a typo and he's actually 7 weeks not 7 months.
  10. Legend, don't worry, you're hair will grow back, think of it as a lesson learnt. As for your girlfriend not wanting you because you're losing some hair, if that happens then you've probably dodged a bullet!
  11. Hi D, As itxrd says, it's a long way to go yet. The crown will always take longer to fill out but at 5 months the rest should all be busy sprouting right now. Whatsapp me if you have any concerns.
  12. Hi Densedream, I think I can recall you having one or more previous surgeries, even one with our very own Dr Bhatti I believe. I take it you did shed on the previous occasions. I would have expected your body to react in the same way. I take it your scabs came off after 10-14 days and you wasn't over over cautious in washing you implanted scalp? It's a strange one, I guess you'll just have to ride it out for the next couple of months and see where it takes you.
  13. Shera

    Hair Surgery

    Hi Thalia, I read your other post and I would advise you to see a doctor/dermatologist first before you even consider any hair surgery. By your description it sounds as though you might have Alopecia, please get it checked out first.
  14. Hi Lennox, Thanks for posting your end result, your hair looks fantastic. I'm sure Dr Bhatti and the team will be absolutely made up for you. Enjoy!!
  15. Shera

    Looking for a new minoxidil

    I've met a few patients that have used the 12% Minoxidil and to be honest they saw little improvement compared to guys using the standard 5%. Their 12 month clinic progress pics were deceiving due to the different levels of lighting used........very crafty. I suppose the only real difference noticed was the diminishing thickness of their wallets!