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  1. Dear all, The following video shows the 6 year results for Yograj Singh, the famous Indian test and ODI cricketer and father of the recently retired Legendary Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh. Yograj Singh received a hair transplant at Darling Buds Clinic 6 years back and now at the age of 64, it is still going strong. The hairline remains natural and dense and greatly enhances his on screen appearance helping him fulfill the aggressive roles demanded of him in the competitive Indian film industry. Again, it's never too late to get your hair fixed! Enjoy the vid.
  2. Most patients do not suffer any further loss if they have short breaks, again you should monitor this. It also gives the body time to go drug free and the patient a window to notice any accepted symptoms that the medication could be responsible for. As for skipping the odd day, the medication tends to stay in your system for quite some time and therefore in most patients skipping a few days does not appear to have a noticeable negative effect on the hair loss. I would say the lesser drug you can take to have the desired effect the better.
  3. I'm pretty sure you will be fine for 2 weeks. Many patients have breaks in between taking Fin, maybe having a couple of Finasteride free months throughout a year. Also if you have been taking it for a period of time then you might want to consider changing your routine to be less frequent, maybe skipping a couple of days a week. This works for most folk but monitor any differences all the same.
  4. Hi Akash, It is quite rare for hairs attached to implanted grafts to have not fallen out after 4 months but it is not unheard of. I myself had very little shedding and my result turned out fine. But looking carefully at your pics again I see little evidence of the stubbly implanted hairs still being present so personally I would put your worries to one side. If the grafts did pop out and were not secure in the slits then this may have resulted in cobblestoning which again I cannot see any evidence in your pics. If you are certain then there is little you can do now anyway, just be patient and see how things pan out over the coming months, and then you can re address the issue if it still exists.
  5. Hi Akash, I would recommend you read up on the different growth phases of a hair transplant, you could start with a few detailed patient reviews from this site. As for your "4 month result", there is no such thing as a 4 month result, you can only really start talking in terms of results after 7-12 months. At the 4 month stage your scalp looks exactly how it should with small baby hairs sprouting that will mature over the coming months. I'm always surprised when I come across patients panicking at 4 months, did your doctor or a rep not brief you on what you should expect over the coming months, if not then they should have. The many baby hairs you refer to that are suddenly appearing on your scalp are good signs of early growth. Even if you lost a few that popped out during surgery your pictures do look promising, take heart from that and try to be more positive. I can't see any reason for you feeling bad and down and lastly in my opinion if you let yourself get all stressed and deflated after only 4 months then this could affect your mental/physical well being thus detracting from your final result. As for your friends and colleagues, don't even get me started!!! I hope that clarifies a few things for you and puts your mind at ease.
  6. You mean "Pass the Dutchie........"
  7. Dear all, The following video shows the results obtained by an 80 year old gentleman. This just goes to show that even at 80 years old hair loss can affect someones self esteem and confidence and its never too late to better yourself via an HT. Enjoy the vid.
  8. Dear all, Please check out the following video in which Dr Bhatti explains in details how to build a natural Indian hairline along with a patient result.
  9. Hi Vermaj, It’s really good to see your post after such a long time. I think you look great and a million miles from how you would have looked if you hadn’t gone through with the surgery. You have the illusion of hair and your face is nicely framed giving you a more youthful look that is more in line with your actual age. Most importantly you have over the last 3 years learned to understand your limitations and the need to preserve valuable grafts for future surgeries, you totally get it…………….finallyJ As always, feel free to call on me anytime.
  10. Hi Danny, I would say approximately 1 in 20 patients do complain about donor area pain and I know what you mean about sleeping. I guess its the feeling of tightness that can be painful for some. I would recommend the following to ease the pain and discomfort, 1. Use Aloe Vera cream or similar to help soothe the donor area. 2. Take painkillers such as Ibuprofen, they will help immensely. 3, When sleeping use a comfortable flight pillow even when lying down (memory foam is best). It will help, give it a try. The pain should ease with every passing day so using the above try to stick it out.
  11. This is actually one of my UK patients who I met out in India just last week. Like many others, he is thrilled with his result and if anyone interested in hair surgery with Dr Bhatti would like to contact him and others direct to get their impartial views then that can be arranged. Well done Dr Bhatti and team, another superb home run!
  12. Rob, Congratulations on your result, I hope it gives you the confidence and drive to move on to great things!
  13. Hi Baldsoul, The patient you speak of said he paid for the procedure via electronic transfer to the clinic admin staff who took him on his word. He came to the clinic every day during his stay and when asked about the missing payment, each time he said it should be there soon. The clinic staff had no reason to doubt him and if anything were way too trusting. Obviously he abused this trust and the payment was pure fiction. The whatsapp message he used as proof was the clinic staff presuming his $2000 payment was actually made which it obviously wasn't. You are free to contact the many Dr Bhatti patients on this and other forums which will confirm that a payment receipt is given once payment has been made. This patient could neither provide the receipt or show proof of an electronic transfer being made. Therefore there is no issue with patient confidentiality in this particular case. The patient was a chancer but also remarkably he is a newly qualified surgeon with a major UK hospital. It beggars belief why he would try to pull off such a stunt putting his entire professional career at risk. Therefore in answer to your question, his patient information was disclosed but there was absolutely no question of ethics.
  14. Dear all, We would like to share the 6 months FUE results for this 32 year old male patient. He received 1911 scalp grafts to recreate his hairline and temple points in order to frame his face. Hopefully his new look will help his career as a Bollywood singer blossom even further. The total cost for his procedure at 89 rupees per graft inclusive of 18% Tax was 170,079 rupees equivalent to $2361 US, $3,141 CAD, 2125 € or £1930 UK. Please also see the video below.
  15. Hi Kiran, You could try using Nizoral shampoo twice a week and see how you get on with that. This should clear up the dandruff and then we can address whether this was causing the hair loss.