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  1. Hi Wheredoigo, If you are thinking of going to Dr Cinik, then you should take a look at the thread below, it's a wonderful transformation. You could private message the patient, he comes across as someone who will be more than happy to assist you.
  2. Hi Paddy, he means 10mg which is equivalent to 10,000 mcg. You are right in saying a good balanced diet should provide all the Biotin we need. As for overdoing it, Biotin is considered very safe and any excess is passed through the body. On another note, one of your fellow Irishman, the Pogues’ Shane MacGowan says Guinness is the only proven hair loss treatment. He's quoted here. “They sell all those lotions to cure you of baldness… They don’t work. There is only one way to cure baldness – you pour Guinness over your head, collect it in a bucket, and drink it in the morning,” he says. “It’s proven to work.” We all might be missing a trick there
  3. Johan, We will support you and do what we can to ensure your initial expectations are met as much as is possible. I have PM'd you and I hope to speak with you soon.
  4. It is very common to have a repeat top up procedure especially in areas where your native hair has continued to recede leaving only transplanted hairs. The surgeon will use magnifiers when making the slits to ensure no healthy grafts are damaged. The new grafts will be implanted in these slits. So in answer to your question, the subsequent incision and implantation process will not cause damage to your existing follicles.
  5. Hi George, Unlimited grafts often means the surgeon/technicians will over-harvest your donor area and plant as much grafts as possible to ensure just enough survive to give you an OK result so there are no comebacks. Hair loss is progressive so a few years down the line when you might need another procedure due to further recession you have little scalp donor left. An ethical surgeon will look at your age, family balding history, medical history and other factors and devise a plan to maximise your grafts to ensure you are not in the situation described above. Consulting with the 2 surgeons mentioned above would be a good start for you.
  6. Badresults, I'm not really sure where to start here, I'm not sure where you are from and I'm not sure why you haven't made the effort to at least try to contact myself or one of Dr Bhatti's other representatives. For those who feel I or someone else should have replied sooner, Badresults chose not to go through me or any of my colleagues, he went to Dr Bhatti direct. Even now he has gone gung ho on this website using links and tabs to cause maximum damage to Dr Bhatti and basically all of us who have a connection with the clinic. Badresults clearly doesn't value mine or any of my colleagues’ opinions or surely he would have at least made an approach. So I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do at this very late stage once all the fireworks have been let off and no one invited me to the party. Perhaps some of you could enlighten me. I look after guys from the UK and some from abroad who contact me. Those that choose to go through me get my support and to date I think they value it highly; you can search for any complaints. I manage 2- 3 guys’ journeys a month and that's it. It's not my full time profession, more like a hobby; I get a buzz out of changing people’s lives for the better. There are many guys who have messaged me privately on this site and they know I've always tried to give my honest opinion and not ram a transplant down their throats. So a little respect would be nice, after all first and foremost I am just another patient. Those that choose not to go through me, I'm not even aware of their existence. As I've been called out here (thanks Kevin20), I'm going to give my take on this, I won't be making any more posts on this thread, if anyone wishes me to elaborate they can PM me. I'll leave it to Badresults to post the full story and you armchair experts can form your own opinions. All I ask in the interest of fairness is that Badresults presents the full facts of his case, I will speak to Dr Bhatti and I will have a read of all the correspondence to see if any other issues should be raised. If so I will present the facts only through PM to any of you interested guys in discussion. So here we go, Badresults, firstly can I ask where you had your first surgery? What made you choose that particular surgeon? What were the reasons given for the failure of your first surgery? Why did you not feel the need to name and shame that particular doctor and clinic? Also to get a clearer overall picture of your case, can you post clear pictures before and immediately after this first surgery clearly showing the implanted area and your donor area post surgery. This will help determine whether a pattern of bad growth exists with both surgeries and the donor that Dr Bhatti had at his disposal. Also, I'm not trying to be clever here; it clearly is another procedure where your implanted grafts have not grown out, that is not questionable. It is a good move to see a dermatologist and I'm a little surprised that you did not see one after your first failed surgery where any issues with your scalp could have been identified and addressed. Have you even considered that your first surgery could be to blame for your subsequent failure? Your implantation area certainly would have been in a worse condition than in your first surgery, this is why it’s important to see clear pictures of that surgery immediately post op so this theory can be discarded. You should have allied your expectations with the evidence clearly in front of you. One failure doesn't guarantee success in a second surgery regardless of the doctor, no surgery is guaranteed to work as you clearly now know. Also, it could be that you are just not a good candidate due to your physiological make up. Maybe your scalp just won't take new grafts or is damaged from the first surgery. These are all ifs and buts but the reality is there is no straight forward answer to a transplant failure. Name a surgeon who has a 100% success rate on a virgin scalp never mind one that is in for repair. Another reason could be the technique and the surgery itself. I know some of you will be delighted that I've finally come to this point but if that is the case then how do you explain the temple points growing out just fine. That would clearly point to a problem with your scalp. The doctors reply in this case is pretty accurate, seriously what more can you do apart from go to another doctor and document your story from the start so we can follow it and if it doesn't work this time I guess you owe Dr Bhatti a massive apology. On the other hand if it does work you have a strong case for at least a partial refund from Dr Bhatti. I would be more than happy to take this up for you. And again, he's right; if it fails a 3rd time from another doc then there's no point in going on. Words I'm sure you don't want to hear but you should. To round off, if the surgery was your first surgery with Dr Bhatti then you would have a strong case, but as it's a total failure and a repair from a previous unknown doctor's surgery then it was always going to be uncertain. Seeing all the successful repairs Dr Bhatti had previously completed and documented you mitigated the risk by going to him but it didn't work and you should have at least had that thought at the back of your mind. Also you say you did your correspondence all through email, the fact is you had direct personal contact with Dr Bhatti throughout and no third party. You were also free to skype him as many patients do. I'm not really sure what else you expected. You have tried to twist this to make Dr Bhatti look bad. It will be interesting what your thoughts will be when your "elite" surgeon talks to you through one of his many secretaries. To conclude you should go to that "elite" surgeon but you should be aware there are no guarantees. Prior to any surgery you should visit a few dermatologists and see whether they can find any underlying issue for the failure of nearly 4000 grafts to grow in 2 separate attempts from 2 differing techniques. I do understand your upset and I really hope it works out for you the next time. All the best.
  7. Hi Brad, You will need approximately 1800 grafts (approx 2.2 hairs per graft) to strengthen your hairline and fill in your temple areas. Once grown out, you should look brand new.
  8. No, it should look better, but shaving your hair after covering such a large bald area with 2000 grafts is never going to be your best option even if you had a 100% graft survival rate. Grow it out and it and see how looks in terms of coverage and direction. See you in about 3 weeks.
  9. I confirm that Dr Bhatti does all of the following - Counseling and hairline design - Trimming - Anesthesia - Harvesting the grafts from the donor area (extraction) - Slit making in the recipient area - Dressing The placement of the grafts is completed by his longstanding skilled technicians.
  10. Six months duration will help recover your existing native hair and in some patients it seems to give the newly implanted grafts a boost, I think it did in my case anyway. After 6 months you could continue or stagger the use to help sustain your native hair and delay any future loss.
  11. Hey Kickbuttmario, grow you hair out for a good few weeks so it can be assessed properly. As for regulations, I'm sure some of your fellow North Americans can help you out here...............or maybe its just a myth that clinics and surgical procedures are regulated in that part of the world, after all a certain clinic beginning with 'BO' seems to have got panned since the dawn of time and yet it's still fully operational!
  12. Hi KickbuttMario, Some precise analysis there from DrTBarghouthi. Your pre surgery pics are still online at the link below I wish you'd not rushed into this 18 months ago. I know you had regrets the moment you got home after the surgery. But saying that we are told again and again how North American clinics are regulated etc, perhaps you should first try to go to one of these so called regulation bodies and at least try to get your something back. As for your current situation, it will be too much hassle to get any grafts removed and as stated before if you are happy to keep your hair that short its pointless in you going for another hair surgery. You should seriously consider SMP as recommended to you in your previous post above. Why waste thousands of dollars on new hair that no one will ever see?
  13. Anyone of them listed surgeons will be able to quite easily implant approximately a further 1200 grafts in your hairline, so once grown out it is uniform with the density further back. It's appears to be a relatively minor touch up, there should be no issues. But first you might want to wait the full 12-18 months before making your final assessment.
  14. Amug, The channels you see are quite common and they are nothing to worry about. They don't seem to affect the final result.
  15. For several years Dr Bhatti has been consistently producing results with patients long term interests at heart. Through strategic placement of grafts he has managed to maximise limited donor graft availability in patients to produce outstanding aesthetic results. He has managed to repair patients that have been butchered by their previous procedures. To say a surgeon of Dr Bhatti's skill and experience would then choose an approach that he feels will jeopardize the chance of graft survival is foolhardy at the very least. The fact is that Dr Bhatti consistently produces yields of 95% or more. He could use double the grafts if they are available to silence the doubters but a patients long term well being is far more important than an anonymous opinion on a Web forum.