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  1. Hi Curious, I deal with many patients in a similar position to you and many continue to wear the turban or patka until their hair grows out. It is of course important to address the way you actually tie the hair under the turban. It is likely that your hair loss is down to Sikh Traction Alopecia caused by the constant tight pulling of the hair over a long period of time. After 2.5 weeks you will be OK to wear the hair covering of your choice but you may need to wear it loose because it is very likely your scalp may still be sore and irritable in places. Get in touch with me if you wish me to elaborate.
  2. There is no way to know for sure but it is very unlikely you have caused any damage. Stop panicking and move on.
  3. Shera

    How bad is it?

    Hi Follicles, Your mid hairline still looks strong so you should go with filling in your temple areas and also try to get your temple points redefined. The line you have drawn should in my opinion be flatter unless of course you are going for the Ming the Merciless skullcap look:) A maximum of 2000-2200 grafts should be sufficient for these areas.
  4. Hey Legend, Great to hear it all worked out well in the end. Looking forward to following your story, all the best.
  5. At 10 months post surgery you should be fine with a little sunburn.
  6. Hi KiwiGuy. Scalp to beard is not ideal, beard to beard is the best way forward to get the best result. You can thicken/fill parts of your beard/mustache using grafts taken beneath your chin area, the beard shadow area. Many of Dr Bhatti's patients have hair and beard transplants simultaneously, it is not uncommon.
  7. Shera

    Help with Toppik

    No, as Melvin said earlier, it's a myth.
  8. KaranKumar, Take that last post seriously at your own peril. You can get a world class hair transplant in India at a cheaper price simply because of world economies being very different in different geographical regions. In India wages are generally lower, and living and running costs are very much cheaper than say the western world, this accounts largely for the price difference. Believe me you can have the thickest and most dense hair on the planet but if your grafts are not treated with skill and expertise you will end up with a bodge job, of that there is no doubt.
  9. Hi Bronte, Dr Bhatti does many cases where beard and chest grafts are used to compensate for the lack of scalp donor grafts. Get in touch and I''ll see what he can do for you.
  10. Hi Petroholic, Without talking to Dr Bhatti directly about your case but having dealt with numerous similar cases I would like to make the following points. The procedure recommended by Dr Bhatti is to rebuild your hairline, strengthen your mid scalp and redefine your temple points. You still have lots of hairs in your mid scalp but could do with more volume. Approximately 2500 grafts should be sufficient to achieve this goal. There does appear to be some thinning in your crown too but this may appear more prominent due to the parting of your hair in your second pic. You have been taking Finasteride for the past 5 years so you have already prepared your native hair against possible shock loss. Dr Bhatti will not implant densely in this area therefore the trauma from surgery will be minimal to your native grafts therefore further alleviating the risk of shock loss (which itself is quite rare). Hair loss is progressive therefore your native hair will continue to recede albeit at a much slower pace due to your commitment to meds. You may well need a further surgery to address future loss (crown area?) but if all goes well you can look forward to enjoying your hair for the foreseeable future. To conclude, I can't see anything overly complicated about your procedure, its pretty straight forward. I hope that clarifies things for you. If you need any more help please feel free to contact me or any of the team direct.
  11. Hi, Dr Bhatti does many repair cases. Get in touch and I'll see what he can do for you.
  12. Whereas Bollywood refers to the booming film industry in Mumbai (Bombay), Pollywood is a term that refers to cinema and film from the Punjab region of India. This is the region where Dr Bhatti's clinic hospital is based in nearby Chandigarh. Approximately 2 hours drive north of Chandigarh is Shimla located in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is the where senior British officers of the Raj were based because of its cooler climate and for many years a quarter of the worlds people and land was managed from this small town during the height of the British Empire. A bit of history for you guys!
  13. At 4.5 months it is likely you are just experiencing the start of your growth, be patient. You should start to see a noticeable difference now month by month. It's way way to early to start panicking.
  14. Good signs of early growth there. You should start to see a continuous improvement now month by month. The fun starts here, enjoy the ride.
  15. I have to agree with the others, your hair is still very strong and you do not need a hair transplant. However, you do appear to have some recession to the temple areas which looks perfectly natural and on some folk actually looks good. You might want to compare historical photos of your hairline to see if this area has in fact receded. Hold fire on the transplant, keep up with the meds and monitor your hair for now.