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  1. please share your both pics before n after
  2. It’s been almost 11 months to receive the hair transplant procedure at Medispa clinic with Dr Suneet Soni. I am astonished to see the regrowth as there is not even a single doubt that it is not a normal one. The hairline is quite natural and very difficult to identify that it is normal or transplanted one! The density, which I received after the procedure is quite satisfactory and the area of the temple and forehead got implanted with slim grafts and the effect I received is the sign of the best aesthetic hair transplant. Some background on my case, I was severely affected by a NW-III gradually extended in a NW-VI pattern, which is very noticeable. When I received the case of hair loss, I was just 22 and doctors advised me to take regular doses of Finasteride. But, a medicinal option doesn’t go for longer as it just an alternate for controlling hair loss to some extent. However, I made my decision to pick an expert surgeon to receive the hair restoration surgery. My baldness grade was quite extensive and was unable to think that I received my natural look back someday! So, I did an extensive search to receive the procedure and hair restoration forums and society helped me a lot! My experience of surgical hair restoration with Dr Suneet Soni had been amazing. The results are quite appreciable and the hairline I received is no need to say a complete natural. I have received a combined method of FUT+FUE that effectively covered my bald area, especially on the mid-crown portion and the frontal areas of the scalp. Dr Suneet told me that 2500 grafts were extracted with FUT technique and remaining 2000 grafts via the FUE method and this fulfilled my expected need with the hair transplant surgery. I had limited safe donor area due to low density yet I received the satisfied outcomes. And, the combined technique of hair transplant made this happen. Dr Suneet Soni made it possible to offer me a high-density packed result by implanting 4500 grafts created a significant improvement in the crown, mid-crown and the frontal area of the scalp. I got impressed with the standard and hygiene measure that clinic strongly maintains to perform the procedure and the staffs of Medispa are all highly professional and dedicated to meeting the goal of the surgery. No need to say that Dr Suneet is a master of aesthetic hair transplant surgery. I will share my pics Soon!