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  1. Hi fellow eyebrow transplant companions. I'm currently 4 months along from my eyebrow transplant and they r still sparcer than they were before. And it seems that some of the transplants grow in fine and some r prone to falling out easier than others when touched( I am still gentle when touching them. So it's not a traction alopecia thing) it's does still seem a bit all over the place. One eyebrow is growing fast with not much happening with the other brow? R these common steps? Unfortunately things didn't end well with my surgeon so I cant ask follow up questions. So any advice would be great.
  2. I had an eyebrow transplant done in Melbourne Australia by Newin Hair Institute. The price was very reasonable. One thing I didn't like. Is the Dr did one eyebrow and his assistant did the other. Not sure how common this is. But I would prefer to have had the Dr do both himself. I'm only 1 month post op. So only time will tell how good a job they did. Anyway I had 605 graphs by fut strip. And was very reasonably priced. So worth considering and saves u travelling overseas.
  3. I partially agree that those ugly stages post op eyebrow transplant. Aren't talked about enough and nothing really prepares u for it. And u can't put on a hat and hide it like hair transplants either. Then again every patients post op healing can vary hugely too. I am 1 month post op and eagerly awaiting to see results. But haven't copped too many pimples yet. So will see what the following months bring
  4. Hi I'm a month post op. I'm a male who has thick eyebrows but they thinned out on both inner and outers. So I got the inner and outers done. To regain an even shape. And obviously a part of that means graphs next to native hairs. I've copped a bit of shock loss. And at hoping that I get regrowth. Atm I do see myself as worse than I went in. But i only a month post op. Come month 4 if I still look the same I guess I will be upset. Can only wait and hope. But yes it is a real concern. And apparently is more common for women than men too.
  5. Hi all first post. Just curious to talk to others who have had eyebrow transplants. And the success rate with graph growth etc
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