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  1. Have you made your plans already? I heard only good about Dr. Colak, so hope you are all right.
  2. I hear about one similar case, it was about сaverta (other ed drug, u can read more about it ), but I think It isn't so important, anyway surgeon advised not to use it before and in a week after transplantation.
  3. I don't know what is the best clinic of Switzerland, but saw the result of work by dr. Heitmann from Zurich. It was pretty good FUE for my German friend, also he was satisfied with the service.
  4. I agree with baldlivesmatter, your side effect is strange for finasteride. Did your have problem with libido before? Or do you have other health problems? Can be a lot of causes... You may try to use some ed drug(for example this) parallel to finasteride, but it's for your own risk and can't really increase a libido, it's psychological problem, but can give you a confidence in your men's strength.
  5. The best natural way for some time is to stay healthy!
  6. Something like: 1. How much will it cost? 2. Who should I go to for my surgery? 3. How much will it hurt? 4. How noticeable will the scarring be? 5. How long before signs of growth are visible? 6. Will everyone know? 7. Will the results be permanent? 8. When will I need the next hair transplant? 9. How long will I need to rest? 10. Will I lose more hair because of the surgery in the area?
  7. Selecting a quality hair surgeon is a really important question, but link doesn't work
  8. Thanks a lot for so frank NON commercial feedback, wish you all best after your operation!
  9. I understand you and had the same side effect, but paid a lower price. Same generally known pills was enough for me to fix it. I think it's better to pay a little bit more but use proven effective remedy.
  10. Hi guys, I'm an elderly person, but sometimes like to remember youthfulness and do something crazy🤪 Age makes itself felt, so can someone advise me working remedy against erectile dysfunction, that can be used with high-calorie food and alcohol?
  11. Recreating a whorl or cowlick is some of the most technically precise work in hair transplantation. The most widely held opinion among hair restoration surgeons is that if a frontal cowlick has either completely receeded or nearly so, it should not be recreated. The hairline should be recreated with a uniform forward and gradually rotating angulation of the grafts to create the most dense and natural appearing result. What to do when the cowlick is still present but thinning is a much different situation. If transplanting is done at this point the surgeon must follow the hair direction in the cowlick or the graft incisions will damage follicles in the area and the transplanted hair will grow in a different direction from the native hair in the cowlick - a bizarre look indeed. Recreating a cowlick is very careful and exacting work wherein every receptor incision is precisely angled around the spiral axis matching every subtle shift in angulation. Anytime there is a whorl such as those that occur in the crown, more scalp shows through because of the natural separation of hairs. Thus when restoring a cowlick, higher density is required to hide the scalp than if the hairs are all transplanted in the same direction. This all being said, cowlicks, undulations, and widows peaks are the "elegant" details of a handsome hairline, and when they are reproduced accurately some of the best looking hairlines results are achieved.