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  1. I decided to just go for it and had my surgery on December the 4th. I had 4903 grafts transplanted, about 1200 of those were from my beard and mostly ones and twos from the back of my head with a few threes, unfortunately no fours. Once all the scabs had dropped off it looked good but now I’m nearly 2 month in and I’m at the stage where you look worse than you were before the surgery. I’m not expecting a full head of hair because of the lack of three and four hair grafts. I’m quite realistic in what to expect but still hoping for the best results possible. cheers for your replie.
  2. Hi, looking for some advice/guidance. I’m hoping to hear from anyone who has, or knows anyone who has had work done by dr Ayhan Colak at the Getfue clinic in turkey. After looking at several hair transplant surgeons in turkey on the forums and websites I opted to go with dr Colak, but as I get closer to my date for surgery I find myself looking for more reassurance. Any feedback will be appreciated.