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  1. Hi, I want to make an HT next year and I was wondering if an HT can remove/hide a cowlick? My cowlick is right on my hairline and it's so annoying to deal with.
  2. and how much was the cost? I'm very interested also in him because i want to reshape my hairline on Keser. Seems like he does a really nice job.
  3. So for them as far as I'm reading importance is quantity > quality. That's pretty sad actually. They only care to make more money, that includes increasing the number of patients per day even though the results are not gonna be good. Are there any good and renowned clinics in Turkey besides dr. Koray and his clinic?
  4. Thanks for your opinions. I maybe send these pictures + others to Dr. Koray Erdogan and ask him, what should I do. I'm considering him the first option. Also, about how many grafts I need... to fix my whole hairline, is 2000 enough?? I know i suck at drawing hairlines ?. I just want my temples to not be so goddamn received. It's sooo annoying. @Spaceman, then maybe also work on the temple points as well, couple of grafts in there also?
  5. No, since I was little I was born like this. I did not had hair in those areas. So strange, I also have very healthy hair and my hair rarely fall down. The thing is I can cover those empty areas with my hair from the middle part... that's how I've done it since I was little. I didn't had hair loss, very rarely actually
  6. Hello, I'm 25 years old and I was born with a very big forehead and receding temples, it's just how I was born. My father has a full head hair and has the same hairline as me with very high receding temples and I was thinking to fix this shit with an HT because it's annoying as fuck when the wind is blowing, I can't style my hair properly and I can't wear my hair short because I look ridiculous. I only have this problem in front of my head. I will show you some pictures with my forehead and a picture with me when i was little(to show that i have a high hairline since i was little ). My queston is do i need a HT for my entire hairline or I can just make a HT just for my temples?
  7. This is exactly what I'm afraid of.. that he does not even have the time to do a thing properly. That includes a full surgery on patients.
  8. Damn, I have the same problem as you buddy with the hairline... I have exactly same hairline as you and I'm thinking next year to make a HT to Koray Erdogan. Can't wait to see how the result will come out for you:)
  9. Hello, the title says it all. Anyone from here had an experience with a HT on any of these 2 doctors? If so how was the experience, result, price.. etc. I don't like what I'm seeing recently about Dr. Koray Erdogan... I take him out of the equation, I don't want to make my HT to him, especially that I only have a little bit received temples and a big forehead overall, I just want to remake my hairline, nothing else. Cheers.
  10. How the operation? Did Koray Erdogan did the whole process or his assistants/colleagues helped him? How it was in your case?
  11. Is Dr. Koray Erdogan operates himself? From taking the grafts and implant in the head? I heard that he is not doing the whole process and he lets his unexperienced stuff to do this which result in very bad results and unsatisfied customers. I myself was considering to go on his clinic hoping that he will do all the process, from end to start but apparently, it's not how I was thinking or I'm I wrong? Can anyone tell me from their own experience, who has been to him and made a HT how it is? I really wanted to make myself a HT on him... I've seen such good results.
  12. I have the same problem! I was born with a high forehead and my temples are not good at all... I have a hairline but a very high one. I can cover my hairline with my big hair. I let my hair grow big to cover this horrible hairline.. but I want to cut my hair and I just can't because I look ridiculous. The result it is gorgeous. I wonder how much was the cost for 2000 grafts. I want to do the same procedure. I'm 25 by the way.