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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
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    Norwood IV
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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  1. Hello! Thanks for your kind words! Yes, I've been taking a vitamin complex for a few months now. Just the usual hair&nails complex: vitamin b, zinc, keratin and selenium... Nothing special at all Bye, mate!
  2. Hahaha, of course, mate. It will get a lot better!!! For example, I was really happy with my hair at your stage, but the implanted grafts were still very thin and the hairline was not perfect. I could see a little of my scalp through those hairs. With more months of evolution I have noticed a big improvement, the hairs are thicker, and my hairline is now dense and I'd say it's perfect for me This is a journey of 12-18 months (in fact, my vertex is still improving) and we must know that the 6-7-8 month mark is really, really far from the final result. Bye!
  3. Wow, great result so far, mate! The magic is still beginning so, stay patient and enjoy this phase. You will notice improvements very day when you look at the mirror in the morning
  4. For example: my surgery Usually when we have a large amount of grafts implanted, ASMED separates the whole surgery in two days. One for the frontal area, and the other for the crown area. In my case, for example, the first day was only for my frontal area, which was filled with 3.000 grafts.
  5. It looks very good and very clean, mate! Be patient and enjoy the journey!
  6. Hello mate! If you want to, you can include my surgery with ASMED (November 2017) as very succesful I don't know what exactly is going on with this ASMED ¿issue?, but the fact is that I decided to post my case in the forum in order to help people, just like other user helped me when I was looking for a good (excellent) option for my transplant. Here is my thread, if anybody wants to take a tour, but the important point I wanted to share is that, yes, I'm another succesful ASMED case and, judging from what we can see in the forum, we are the vast majority Bye, mates! Have a nice day!
  7. Don't get impatient. This is a 12-16 months journey. Thinking now, with only 7 months, that this will be you final density is totally inaccurate
  8. Thanks to you too, friend! I've been digging into my collection and, yes, I've found one picture from 29 December 2017, that's one month and one week after the procedure. This was how my head looked back then, hope it helps you
  9. 11 months update!!! Hello mates! How are you doing? 11 months ago I was coming back to Spain with a, yet, new life of relaxation to come As you will see in the new pictures, everything is still improving at this phase. My front hair is getting thicker every day. In fact, I don't know how to explain myself, but the hair is "nicer", it seems to be really strong and I have zero complain. On the vertex area the hair is still thin, but I would say it has also began to get thicker and thicker. The density will nver be the same than the front area (34000 vs 2000), but I really believe that it will look very good in a few months, when I arrive to the 16-18 month endline. I'd love to know what do you think of my case, friends In fact, I'd also love to know if you experience an improvement on your crown beyond the 11-12 month mark By the way, recently I went to the hairdresser Bye, mates, and sorry for my English!
  10. I'm really, really happy for you, mate Your look is incredible. Nobody would tell you faced a HT and that is the very evidence of an excellent result. Enjoy it!
  11. By the way, mates, did you saw an improvement in your crown area in the last months? I mean, does the crown area improve when you pass the 11-12 month mark?