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  1. Hi guys a little update. I’m very happy with my results, my hair is naturally thin and obviously isn’t as dense as normal persons hair but it’s an illusion and I think it’s a very good one, I’m often complimented on my hair even the barbers all ask where I had it done.
  2. The team at ASMED are highly skilled, I think personal results depend a lot on that persons body and how they react to the procedure and how they heal etc... i would recommend them as all the barbers I speak to say my result is the best they have seen so far and always say the sides and back are still perfect no scars on show etc...
  3. Hi guys, sorry for not being so active had a baby and he’s keeping me busy lol, a side note I’ve been put on Accutane for acne I have and a side affect is hair thinning, it’s thinned my hair but the doctors say will thicken once the medicine is stopped so hope so. Here’s where I am now, bit of wax and getting a hair cut later so will try post again after it’s cut
  4. Thanks mate not sure about actually measurement but I ask for a .5 on sides and faded in to top, in U.K. not sure what that actually is in mm but I was also surprised I could have it this short even the barbers was surprised tbh
  5. Thanks guy, yeah I’m very happy with the result the barbers were all saying how good the work was and how they could only tell by being super close. I’m happy with how my hair is now my confidence is high and no longer worried about my hair
  6. Superdrug online pharmacy website they do propecia and finasteride Generic, best price and 100% legit. I use them.
  7. I modified his initial decision I told him how I wanted it mate. He’s open to what you want and he was happy with what I said
  8. Thanks mate Yeah I’d rather have less labido than have no hair tbh Thanks man! And I’ve never used any divers before it’s just my hair Thanks, it will if you just don’t stress and trust the process
  9. Quick update for 8 months progress inc one at end for comparison from where I started.
  10. Hi mate, sorry for late reply I’d say my other choice would have been Dr Lorenzo, I like dr Konior but I heard his waiting time is immense.