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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Yeah bro labido for me has basically gone lol it’s so weird feel like a tired mess
  2. Looking perfect mate hope your well
  3. On a side note I’ve noticed that since re starting the finasteride I’m suffering from bad fatigue and brain fog like I find it hard to motivate myself for work and get out of bed and find myself coming in from work and sleeping on sofa most days, has anyone else had this?
  4. Erm I asked Esen and she said the doctor said nw3, I had slightly thinning at crown area doc said fin will fix that hopefully.. Thanks bro it’s weird because my natural hair on top is basically being overtaken by the implants lol the hair line is starting to become thicker then the middle of my head, I’m very happy so far and also happy that I can go 0.5 fade to 1 on sides and back and looks fine
  5. Hi mate, good luck.. are you going to be documenting it? You’ve chosen a good clinic
  6. Hi mate looking good, don’t get to stressed about the ugly duckling phase the hair will come back soon enough, what shampoo you using?
  7. Thanks mate Thanks mate appreciated 🤝 Have you got a thread il have a look, my advise is just stay positive and trust the process, im sure you will be fine bro
  8. Hi mate, yeah just over 7 months, do you mean like this?? My hair naturally isn’t that thick so atm it kinda all blends in as one just could do with being abit thicker but if I’m honest I’m happy if it remains like this
  9. Hi Guys, a few pics pics I took today I didn’t bother styling my hair properly so forgive the dodgy style will also show donor
  10. Hi mate must say your hair is getting better I honestly think it’s got a lot better in these pics. I hope your thickening and sprouting continues bro, stop stressing now hopefully that will help too lol
  11. Hi guys, quick update, here’s some photos of my hair some are a a few weeks old the close flash ones are just now, very happy with everything just hoping for it to thicken up abit but saying that if it stays as is I’m happy. I’m around 6 a dnt half months today
  12. Mate honestly your hair doesn’t look that bad, mine is also very thin at the front I just brush it to the side and it looks abit better, we still have a long way to go and if I see you on the street the last thing I would think of is that you had terrible hair mate
  13. Hi mate id still be hoping for more growth at this stage, can you upload a pic of it styled better mate instead of trying to show us so we can see how your looking now out and about
  14. 5 months today, I’m very happy with how it’s looking and just waiting for it to slowly thicken up hopefully
  15. It was 2.50 euros per graft including hotel and transfers and post op care pack