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  1. @Fozzie and @hairlossPA - thanks for you good feedback 🙂 @hairlossPA maybe different teams, maybe different tactics / densities depending on hairloss status. I am happy that i have a good result, anyways...
  2. no spray or any other things.... my hair was always a bit frizzy at the back - so now it is on top - i will see if it changes when it is getting longer. some of my friends were joking that i have public hair on my head - but i like my new hair 🙂
  3. Now it is day 229 - 7,5 month post surgery. My hair did grow a lot in the meantime and I am really happy with the current status. My life did change a lot and i would always do surgery again. The crown is stil not perfect and i hope that more hair will come - but also with current status i am more than happy.
  4. photos from day 160. i am really happy and hair is growing... The crown is still taking time and not that fast like the front. I hope empty spaces will fill up in the next months... I guess it is normal?
  5. day 116 - hair is growing more and more and i am really happy... looking forward for more growth :-)
  6. yes - there are a lot of stubbles on the crown which started to grow but also black dots and empty spaces.
  7. 96 days are gone since my surgery. hair is growing and is getting more and more each day. There are a lot of small dots which are waiting to come out 😉
  8. Hey! I just had a look at your thread and saw your pictures - Yes i can remember 🙂 Wishing you all the best and hope everything is running well?
  9. day 48 - i guess i lost 50% of my transplanted hair but there is no hairloss anymore at the moment. looking forward for hairgrowth to begin 🙂
  10. Hi guys, i decided to do a hair tranplant at ASMED clinic in instanbul on 03. october 2018 and would like to share my experience and pictures with you. - I am 35 years old and from germany - my hairloss did begin at the age of 17 years - i started taking propecia/fin this month to increase hair growth after surgery. i guess i will stop after 1-2 years. transplanted grafts: 5500 (3000 day 1, 2500 day 2) donor capacity: 8400 grafts I felt very comfortable and the two days did go by really fast. I am quite excited about hair growth in the next months and will keep you updated. Greetings, heckenpenner