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  1. The hair on the side of my head is a lot thicker than the top and it shows the thinning a lot more i was thinking of keeping the sides short until my hair grows out to make it look thicker I’m 20 days post op and was thinking of taking a trip to the barber and asking for 0.5 sides and left on top Will this look ok? Any one have any experience with this?
  2. The fin sides are real I was on it for 2 months and I noticed my sex drive was down and I want getting morning wood anymore. I stopped taking it and after like the 5th my libido came back with a vengeance, trust me, it was like when I was taking it I was surprising my sex drive. But it all depends on how much you want to maintain your hair
  3. I was just curious once the hair has been transplanted does the new hair grow the first few weeks before it sheds or is it a dead root that doesn’t grow?
  4. Not talking about you talking about in the beginning of this thread
  5. Don’t listen to the doubters payam I’ve been following your progress from the beginning and the way you were treated at the start by a lot of people including mods, who were dismissing your claims and calling you a worrier was disgusting. You have every right to be upset and expose the shoddy work. We are seeing more and more people from this clinic who are not satisfied with their result, something is going wrong
  6. I do not want to worry anyone don’t listen to me it looks like your hair is filling out nicely in these pictures still have a couple more months the hairline looks strong I was just a bit concerned about the patches at the back
  7. Th clinic did have amazing results and I booked my ticket to Istanbul and sent my deposit to asmed, if it wasn’t for users like payam who exposed the poor results I would of went with them, I backed out 2 days before flying off i really do feel for you boys and to be honest at 5 - 7 months I would expect a lot better results. The mods and some users on here will say you need to wait a year but I have seen much better results at this point, time and time again. 5-7 months should be the happy days. i really do hope for the best for you lads and I don’t want to worry anyone I could be wrong! but that’s my 2 cents
  8. No offence to you or any other paitent brother, just thinking out loud about the company
  9. I know bro life of Steve is one of the main reasons I chose dr reddy He never seemed to shed either hopefully I’ll do the same!
  10. Yeh was pricey but I wanted to make sure I was in the right hands since it was my hairline, which I believe is very important and wanted to get right Nothing was rushed