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  1. Dr Erdogan and other surgeons seems to transplant hair on paitents where they already have hair and they seem to turn out fine and with some great results so I don’t know what to believe
  2. I heard about shock loss, where if hair is transplanted around thinning hair this can cause the thinning hair to fallout and will not come back making you look balder. is this true?
  3. Payam do you think your poor results could be a result of poor cleaning and removing of excess scabs. At the early stages of your progress you expressed concerns of that mad cracking that caused all those gaps in your hairline. I have heard this cracking occurs when the cleaning you need to do in the first week is not done correctly
  4. Stay positive I know your thinking the worst but there have been some great results coming from asmed, hopefully you got the good techs
  5. That’s a long fuckin time lol
  6. Did you say there is quite a long waiting list for this surgeon?
  7. I’m nw 3 I’ve been taken propecia for 10 months now but I’m having second thoughts on whether I want to keep on taking this for life. ive not buzzed my head but my hair loss is quite obviously in the hairline and the rest of my hair is super thick. It appears that my hairline is in the very very early stages of coming across and creating that island look, but there is evidence of that pattern and it is predictable. i know the 2 of the 3 are propecia and minoxidl what is the 3rd is it that shampoo?
  8. I’m 24 in March and many top surgeons I have consulted with are happy to go forward with the procedure am I too young?
  9. I always thought DHT never really effected the back and side of the head, that’s why you always see bald dudes with hair still on the side. I’m a bit confused I understand that this may be a problem for a young patient who has an FUT procedure, the donor hair will thin and the scar might show, but does the same risk still apply to someone getting an FUE?
  10. Potentially have a weak donor region, this doesn’t sound like the rule, what if the donor region is fine? Also, are you saying that this means that the 18 year old can never have a HT?
  11. An 18 year old and a 35 year old walk into a clinic and both have the exact same hair loss (Norwood 3 vertex), they are also both at the same stages of their mpb. They are also losing their hair at the same rate and will both be bald in the next 5 years. The only difference is the 35 year old started losing his hair a little later in life than the 18 year old. Why should the 18 year old be rejected and the 35 year old is accpted?
  12. What if the 18 year olds donor region is good? Let’s say the 18 year old is also committed to the hair loss medications also but the 35 year old does not wish to take any preventative medication, which would be more ethical? Let’s also say both the 18 year old and the 35 year old both have a family history of complete baldness, and this is where their hair loss pattern is taking them. The only difference I see is that the 18 year old will be balder sooner than the 35 year old, but both are going to be bald in the end anyway. Rolling the dice how? Are 18 year olds donor areas poorer than middle age guys? This is something I have never heard
  13. Let’s say an 18 year old has a Norwood 3 and the vertex is just starting to thin, and then let’s say we have a 35 year old who’s only started to lose their hair and have a Norwood 2 Judging by the 18 year olds advanced hair loss we can determine the pattern in which he is losing his hair and surgeons can plan accordingly. Judging by the 35 year old, who is just now starting to lose his hair, we are still unable to determine the pattern in which he will lose more hair. however the 18 year old is way more likely to be rejected by surgeons for being too young and the 35 year old will be accepted by many surgeons This has never made sense to me
  14. Looking bald at a very young age is more damaging than looking bald at 30+ whether you have a transplant at 20 or 35 you will still continue to lose hair so I never really understood the difference? They say your hair loss stabilises at around 30 so that is an age where most surgeons will be happy to perform the procedure but this really isn’t true as most people will still continue to bald. So really, what difference will it make if you are younger or older? That’s just my opinion anyway maybe someone can chime in here and explain the difference