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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Koray Erdogan
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  1. To be hones it looks totally normal. Now is when the fun starts I got my transplant 2 weeks later than you con Koray and I’m the same
  2. These pictures are from last week. After the 2 months, about 10 days after a lot of new hairs started to grow up. 3 months https://imgur.com/a/9d2P5Lv [/quote]
  3. The pictures were taken a while ago. The donnor area is totally recupered and shadding off was quite severe. Only a few lucky hair survived. 2 months [imghttps://i.imgur.com/xAUhT9w.jpg][/img] https://imgur.com/a/PnB5Mpa
  4. Yes I have been doing that thanks, after a month and a half is not too bad now. For the redness I have been using rosehip oil and it seems it is working. It was 6750€ (2.5€ per graft), hotel, transfer (Airport-hotel-clinic) and translator inclusive in the price. I had to pay for my flights.
  5. I really like that picture, you are going to look amazing in a few months only
  6. Your grafts are on stand by, ready for the attack! this month you will see some good changes!!
  7. In the third picture I know what you mean. Your case reminds me a guy who put 5400 grafts on the front line but he moved his hair line very far down (but he looks amazing) so the case it’s very oretty similar to yours! Here it’s the video if you want to have a look; Very interesting your case, I’m sure you are going to en like the guy on the video.
  8. pancake

    Sun exposure day 8

    I think the solar exposure is because it can produce some stain/discolouration on the recipient area as that skin is very sensitive and inmature. Most probably the shedding has started and you will get more clear patches in the next days, it’s totally normal
  9. It could be as your hair is a bit curly amd short. I would recommend a free consultation in your town/country to know the quality of your hair.
  10. I can appreciate some patches with low density on your donor area. Do you now have the pictures from last year?
  11. pancake

    Blood on day 26

    I wouldn’t worry about that, it could be a spot. I had a couple these days and when I dried with the towel after a shower and there was blood on it and it was from the sport from yesterday.
  12. Do you have more pictures before the 2nd surgery? You put 4500 grafts on the front line and you only had a reciding fromt line, you are going to be like Elvis or Travolta!!! I think your front line was good enough before the second surgery to be honest.
  13. Wow! very very good result and you are not even half way!! congratulations!! And you didn?t suffer too much shed after one month, did you? And do you remember what is your hair thickness??
  14. HI guys! new update coming.. The recipient area is sometimes very itchy and it is depend on the day can be more or less red. The donor area is fine I think, i just feel sometimes with my fingers some short hair so I guess I had some shock loss on the donor area and they are growin up now.. I would say the shedding is 95%.. https://imgur.com/a/ohNaSRR If we make a big zoom on the recipient area we see this..; Those black small dots is the hair trying to grow up or to early for that?
  15. Wow very good work done! congratulations!! what is your hair thickness??