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  1. Petedagreekchi

    Dr Konior Regrets?

    Did you get stitches as well as Staples or just staples?
  2. Petedagreekchi

    2500 FUT Dr Cooley

    Did Dr Cooley do a non-shave procedure? How are you back at work already? Anyone notice or us there any swelling or pain?
  3. Petedagreekchi

    4.5 Months Post-op

    Great early growth! How's the FUT scar looking?
  4. Rahal is THE MAN! Was this definitely FUT? You can't even remotely see any donor scar despite very short sided haircut (Blade level looks to be a 2 - in the middle row far right picture).
  5. Petedagreekchi

    Review for Dr. Konior

    Your hair looks great!!! Are you on propecia or Rogaine to maintain??
  6. Looks great! Was this a FUT or FUE procedure?
  7. Petedagreekchi

    Decreasing Propecia Dosage to 2x week

    hsrp10, so the dosage schedule & amount that you're on has stopped any progression for the last several years?
  8. Petedagreekchi

    Decreasing Propecia Dosage to 2x week

    @barak did your hair loss doctor recommend that dosage after your surgery?
  9. Petedagreekchi

    Decreasing Propecia Dosage to 2x week

    Hey Matt, yes ive been doing 1MG Mon Weds Fri. Switched to Mon Thurs at 1mg. Do you have experience with .5 MG Mon Weds Fri? Was it effective?
  10. Petedagreekchi

    Decreasing Propecia Dosage to 2x week

    Hi All, I know this topic has been spoken A TON, but I wanted to see if anyone takes 1MG of propecia just 2 days a week for a significant amount of time and didn't see a decrease in effectiveness. Looking for any recent testimonies, everything on here seems to be several years old. Due to some side effects and wanting to be watchful of liver health (don't want to take meds processed in the liver too much, i drink a few days a week too) I shifted from a Mon, Weds, Fri regime (which worked well) to a Mon and Thurs regime a few months back. Also, I have a procedure scheduled with Dr Konior next June, so I thought any hair loss due to this switch could be fixed and I can get back on more regular dosage frequency. I noticed some shedding at first, but have stayed the course. I also have had an increase in adult acne (I'm 42 yrs old), which is weird. I'm heading toward my 3rd month at this level and haven't seen any noticeable hair loss. Just wondering if anyone had a nightmare scenario after decreasing from 3 days to 2 days a week.
  11. AWESOME RESULT! Was this FUT or FUE?
  12. Petedagreekchi

    Dr Konior Regrets?

    FUE requires shaving the full donor area, and its more expensive with Dr K. I'm trying to conceal the procedure, and go back to work quickly without a hat. Plus from what I hear Dr K's scars are almost invisible.
  13. Petedagreekchi

    Dr Konior Regrets?

    Thanks guys! I can't wait for next year!
  14. Petedagreekchi

    Dr Konior Regrets?

    Thanks for the positive vibes!
  15. Petedagreekchi

    Dr Konior Regrets?

    This is a FUT procedure. I'm not going to cut my hair since I have to conceal the procedure for work purposes. I figure FUT is the way to go, since i prefer to keep my hair long and Konior is so good with scars (from what I hear). Also FUT is less expensive and doesn't require a full donor area shave.