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  1. Havn't been around for a long time, bc I don't even think about it anymore lol. Here's a pic.
  2. Pictures speak louder than words lol. 8 months in and my hair is perfect. I do the sides with a 3.5 guard and my scar still can't be seen FYI for anyone wondering.
  3. Fut. It was around 15k for 3k grafts. All the pics have when it was taken stated. My hair looks amazing will post more pics soon.
  4. Hey guys. 4 months in. Couldn't be more happy. Can't wait for the year mark!
  5. Having a hard time getting anything to show up on my camera phone... good problem to have, I'll get back to you after haircut.
  6. Thought I would post more pics with side views and then how well it's hidden with my hair down.
  7. Literally Doc noone has even blinked twice at me. My hair is super thick so it covers it good. But I got away with this entire process without anyone knowing except for Dr. K and his staff. I'm even back at crossfit today and you couldn't tell even with my hair wet from sweat.
  8. Also, literally noone has noticed or even knows I had it done. I wear my hair forward. Can't tell the diff.
  9. Dr. Konior is the best in the world. More expensive. Worth every penny.
  10. Goozer of any doctor I've ever been to in my life he cares the most about his work. It was expensive but worth every penny. I think anyone who has been to him would agree, best in the world. During the procedure I could hear him refuse to put in something not perfect. He implants every graft himself. He originally thought 2000 for me but due to my thickness it turned into 2900. 5-8 hours planned turned into 12 and he didn't finish until it was perfect, couldn't be more happy. I did alot of research on doctors and am so happy I went with Dr. K. he took 45 min alone drawing my hairline that he wanted to be perfect. He cares about his work and that's what counts when it comes to doctors. Expensive, but well worth every penny. Go with Dr. K you will be happy.