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  1. This patient is in his early 40’s and wanted to restore his frontal hairline. He had been taking finasteride for some time and was encouraged to continue to do so. We performed FUSS 3,241 grafts. He is shown 14 months post op.
  2. This patient is in his early 30s and wanted to correct his frontal hairline and temple recession. He did not have any crown thinning and did not have a family history of extensive balding. We prescribed finasteride and planned an FUE session, given that he wears his hair short on the back and sides. We transplanted 1,569 grafts. He is shown one year later.
  3. Hi VicTNYC, DHT definitely nullified whatever finasteride was doing. The effect of DHT on transplanted donor hairs depends on genetic sensitivity. Some people have some low level DHT sensitivity in their donor zone which is why finasteride may help with long term maintenance of transplant results in some people. In those people, taking DHT may have some minor negative effect on their transplant. Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments.
  4. This patient is in his early 50’s and has type IV hair loss. We started finasteride and minoxidil and performed FUT 3,694 grafts and PRP/ACell. He is shown one year later. He noted that the results actually looked better at 8 months. When I questioned him about what happened, he confessed to using anabolic steroids about that time, which contained dihydrotestosterone! I counselled him that taking exogenous DHT will damage the hair and finasteride won’t help because it lowers your own DHT but does not block the DHT receptors.
  5. This patient is in his early 30’s and had an FUE procedure of 2000 grafts at another clinic one year prior. He was unhappy with the unnatural look of the transplant. There were several noticeable problems with the prior work: 1) The hairline was placed too low and straight. 2) There were two and three hair grafts at the very front line. 3) The grafted area was not blended into the existing hair, leaving a halo effect. 4) There was no blending into the temporal area, creating an unnatural fronto-temporal angle. Simply adding more grafts might have given improvement but would also have worsened
  6. This patient is in his early 20’s and first came to see me with his parents at the age of 18. We started finasteride and deferred any further treatment other than topical minoxidil. He returned several years later, expressing in interest in hair transplantation. We discussed all the possible drawbacks of undergoing a transplant when young, including the likely need for future procedures. He had absolutely decided against a ‘shaved head’ look and was committed to doing everything necessary to keep his hair looking natural in the future. After considering all the pros and cons of maki
  7. There are several parameters that dictate whether a result will have the illusion of density or actual density and the space covered is one of the biggest factors, of course. It also has to do with hair type as coarser hairs are more difficult to pack together tightly but at the same time there is a threshold where the number of grafts that occupy a given area doesn't have to be quite as high as with finer hair to achieve the referenced "illusion". Skin characteristics are a little discussed factor as well as one cannot simply assume that dense packing is possible. Everyone's skin reacts sligh
  8. This patient is in his late 30’s and first came to see us in 2014. We first prescribed finasteride. He returned one year later showing his loss had stabilized and he underwent a conservative hairline restoration of 2,000 grafts using the FUT procedure with PRP/ACell. He was very pleased with the results. He returned in 2017, requesting a slight lowering of the hairline and temple angle closure. Given his excellent response and compliance with medical therapy, and his willingness to continue PRP in the future, we decided a more aggressive restoration would be an option for him. We
  9. Jean, There are two problems with your observation. 1. Your forelock was noticeably miniaturized throughout and placing within it was the right move. This patient's forelock is thin around the perimeter, not within the forelock itself, and while it is not native density, it is considerably more dense than your own and with more obviously terminal hairs, and there was no need to add anything to it. Why would Dr. Cooley want to make the thickest area of the patient's scalp thicker when the rest of his scalp was bald? That doesn't make sense. 2. You present a contradictio
  10. UKlad81 has a very good result that is still maturing, so I would expect to see the more seasoned members of this forum remember the basics of hair transplant timelines. He's at 8 months so there is more development to be expected. Some points about UKlad81's case should also be remembered. His hair is not only very dark with a high contrast to his fair scalp, his hair overall is quite fine. His existing forelock was also still very prominent so the procedure had to not only cover a nearly shiny bald NW5A area (we did not go far into his crown) but the density had to blend with the forel
  11. ACell is added to the PRP after the centrifuge portion is complete. There is a video on Youtube showing exactly how it is done. Search for the video with the title "What is PRP for Hairloss?". We believe that ACell makes a difference but we cannot say for sure how long the effects are extended because of its use. This is not a standard procedure and while we have shared our protocols with some colleagues most clinics will have a different protocol than the next clinic. Our approach calls for only one treatment a year, but that is subject to change based on the clinic. We have had some pati
  12. This patient is in his early 40’s and had undergone a prior transplant at another clinic and was not pleased with the results. We performed FUSS of 3,105 grafts, focusing on the frontal hairline and temples. We also performed PRP/ACell to address thinning in the midscalp and crown. He is shown 12 months post-op.
  13. This 28 year old young man had advancing Type V hair loss. We started him on finasteride and minoxidil and performed PRP/ACell with FUSS of 3,618 grafts (7,636 hairs). He is shown one year later. He obviously had an excellent response to the PRP and medical treatment, which blended nicely with the results of the transplant.
  14. Your reference to the result being "horrible" was completely unwarranted, not to mention unusual, since you are the first and only person to make a negative comment about this result in the seven years since it was first shared online. This leads me to believe that you focused on the first result you could find that was less than perfect, according to your standards, and amplified the issues in order to drive home your points with the other member. Thank you, and enjoy your day.
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