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  1. Hey. I wonder your opinion about the quality of doctors from India: 1) Dr Prashant Yadav 2) Dr. Gaurav Garg. Who do you think is the best doctor?
  2. There are many preparations with finasteride 1) EsseGen-6 Plus (Minoxidil 6% + Finasteride 0.05%). 2) DualGen-15 With Plus (Minoxidil 15% + Finasteride 0.1%). 3) Morr-F (minoxidil / fin.) 5% / 0.1% (60 ml)
  3. Hey. 1) The name of the clinic? 2) Who did the hair transplant? 3) Cost of transplantation?
  4. DR K transplants hair from the beard? Transplanting hair from his beard - the price of 0.6 euros for the hair?
  5. Why use hair to breast? You have a lot of hair on his beard! Survival chest hair worse than beards. Why do that?
  6. "Yaman did incisions but not extractions" . - t was a bad idea. This physician error. He knew it and so did the discount. The pursuit of money - it's bad. The two operations per day - it's bad. Because of this, there is no quality.
  7. Try Dr A in Delhi - Who is this ? Like all his full name? What hospital?
  8. Dr Suneet Soni - a good doctor. But he has little experience fue hair transplant method. It is mainly the hair transplant method FUT. most as he can transplant by fue - 3000 grafts. It is not enough. What do you advise ?
  9. Good afternoon friends. I still doubt in choosing a doctor. I do not understand why such a difference in price?. 1) Dr Gaurav Garg (dermalife Clinic) - 35 Rs per unit. 2) Eugenix Hair Sciences- The cost per graft is Rs. 80. 3) Dr Suneet Soni - INR 60 per graft. 4) Mchprashant Yadav - 1 $ per graft. Eugenix Hair Sciences - get the most expensive of these doctors. Why?
  10. Thank you . What can you say about Dr. Dr Prashant Yadav ? ( Credentials Member ISHRS ,USA (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) Member, ASHRS(Asian Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) Member ISAPS ) He's a good doctor?