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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood V
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Resul Yaman
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
  1. Yes, it's getting better. It started one month ago. There is a delay in the crown, let's wait the end of the year.
  2. I do not think that was the problem. A friend of mine had the same operation the day after me and his result is perfect.
  3. No major changes in this month. I am taking dutasteride (hai loss stopped a bit) and topic minoxidil but I am in the 7th month now, and I do not think I will have a good result.
  4. That's what he said, but I won't do a new operation after this result.
  5. Hi guys, This is my situation today. Unfortunately I had no improvements during these 30 days...I could say that my situation is getting worse to be honest and I cannot understand why. No changes in oral treatment or lifestyle. Suddenly my hair loss restarted. Hairline is not bad, but crown is a real disaster...I am confused. I will update you at the end of sixth month
  6. Here my 100 days postop update. My situation is improving. Let's wait next 2 months. P.S. My hair got brown
  7. 65 days after the operation. Hi all!! Shock loss definetely stopped 20 days ago. Hair line is delimited and I can see a lot of small hair appearing in the recipient areas (not sure they could be transplanted hair, they are black and thick). I think that a first result will be really evident in 1 month. I will keep you updated... PS: sorry for the pics quality (selfies)
  8. I will not go in Turkey again....this is sure and that's why I am trying to organise this kind of operation in my clinic with Dr. Yaman. I will keep using finasteride for 1 year. Hopefully I am not having any problems with it. Yaman is sure that I will not need a new opearation after this transplant. I hope so, HCH
  9. I should have other 5.000 grafts available...hope it won't be necessary
  10. Well...he was for 4.800 graft. But I asked him to increase the number of the grafts in the crown because I wouldn't have a second Operation in the future. As he told me after he visited me.
  11. 1 month update (35 days) Shock loss is finally stopping. Donor Area is completely healed and covered. I am using Fina and Xpecia. It is a frustrating period but I hope to see first results soon. Let"s wait....
  12. Hi HCH, I am 35 and I start losing my hair 5-10 years ago with an important acceleration in the last 2/3 years. That's why Yaman decided to implant more grafts than scheduled. My hair are very thin. So Yaman suggested to stay on Fina for next 6-8 months. It can helps new and native hair in this phase of shock loss as well. Regarding my donor area, I should have other 5.000 remaining grafts. To be honest, Yaman did not explain me why the technician was doing extractions, btw my Italian link and people in the clinic told me he was really experienced in that kind of procedure, so I decided to leave him doing extractions. I trust in technicians to be honest. When I worked in uk they were persons in charge in saphenous vein harvesting (that's not like hair exctractions....). The most important thing is experience and not titles. They told me he had more experience than Yaman in extractions. Yaman was there but I choose technician at the end. Yes, my link is always there if he provides patients. If you need to be connected with him, please pm me.
  13. Hi. I will try to respond you all with a single message. I am a surgeon and I have chosen him after I read a lot of threads around. His technique is different than others, he uses a modified and less aggressive instrument to extract follicles and splits the operations in two different phases. I am quite happy about the operation. You can speak with him (using a translator) and decide how to operate. When I saw my pics he planned a 4000 graft implantation but as he visited me he concluded that I needed more graft (4.800) and a new operation in 5 years for other 1000 graft surgery for the crown. This is because of I am a NW 4 evolving to 5. I suggested him to level up the hair line and support my crown, that's why he harvested 5200 graft at the end. Yaman did incisions but a technician extracted hair. before starting I asked why that kind of change respect to what I have read everywhere. My Turkish translator ensured me that guy was a specialist in extractions, so even if Yaman was there I decided to trust him. I can tell you that I was not wrong about that (my donor area after 10 days is completely healed). Theater and operators are not completely sterile. Team changes during the operation so there are a lot of people coming in and out...that shouldn't happen during an operation. Regarding costs: my first price proposal was 3.300€ for 4000 graft. It increased to 3.800€ for that 1200 graft not foreseen. In this case I have to thank my Italian link who made the agreement. I had a 22% off. Hope it helps. Ask me whatever you need.
  14. Hi, I confirm I had 5200 grafts in 1 day. After incisions, I had first 2600 units taken from the left side of my head and immediately implanted (4 hours). Then I got rest for 30 minutes and I completed the second part of the operation (4 hours). That's not unusual for him. His team operates 2 patients per day. Patient who started 1 hour before me, finished at 11 pm..... Thanks a lot for your nice opinion
  15. Hi, I had my operation 2 weeks ago with Mr. Resul Yaman. I was a Norwood 5. He implanted 5200 hair and follicles (preop evaluation was 4000) as follow: 1150s 2860d 1190 multiple Yaman did incisions but not extractions. Nice clinic and good equipe (no one speaks english). I had included in the price 5* hotel and transfers. Final price: 3800 euro. 9 hours operation time. No complications atm. I will use finasteride and Xpecia for the next 8 months. Attached preop to Day 15 pics (sorry for their quality). Fingers crossed now for a good result.