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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Hi Great results and thank you for sharing you experience. Only one question you take propecia/finasteride? I have fear to take this medications about side effects. Happy grow
  2. lukeyb1687 Hi Yes i see your results and they are really nice. I attach my hair pics its a ludwig scale i want a nice result but i need preserve some donnor area for another HT in the future. I'm 30 years old and i don't take finasteride because side effects
  3. lukeyb1687 I'm pondering to make a HT with Dr. Clinik ou still recommended this doctor? I have doubt with him or Dr. Yaman Resul. Greetings and happy growth mate I'm 30 years old and my loss is difused like a woman hair loss
  4. I'm never seen a final review for a patient from this doctor is very important see clary results from the doctor. Thank you very much
  5. Hello I'm really consider Dr. yaman for my HT keep this topic updated please. Greetings
  6. how many grafts by cm2 he says for you? for me the minimum is 30cm2 than i accept
  7. Hi darren I'm in the same boat i'm realy considery Dr Yaman i like very much the assistants is very kindy but I need more feedback about results Dr. yaman. The price is only 1€ by graft is very good. For me he talk about 3500 grafts. Greetings
  8. Hello the better is speak about Dr Yaman is the better you do. You are news? greetings
  9. Hello guys i need a advice of yours. I suffer from hair loss since 21 years now I have 26 years. My hair loss is across the front of the head I notice that the hairs are becoming increasingly thinner and eventually fall. Especially notice the lack of density in front of the head. I've read a lot about transplants and has already contacted some clinics. Would like to know your opinion about the clinics in Turkey are recommended some I liked the "TRANSEST" and "Rota Hair trans" you can recommend another. I speak in turkey as it has very low prices. Also contacted Dr. Devroye brussels this being considerably more expensive because the treatment it would cost no less than € 6,000 and turkey walks around 2,500 €. Also contacted the DHI and this is even more expensive. All I would speak it would take between from 4000 to 5000 hair follicles 3,000. I would like your help in order to make a decision. Greetings to all
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