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  1. I take propecia daily for years , tried minox a few years ago but my head felt horrible and I never seen much result
  2. I take MSM and biotin daily . What’s this collagen u mention? What’s that generally for ?any thanks
  3. I’m on prop, multivits biotin etc, just need to thicken the hair up what would people recommend ? Many thanks
  4. Hi I have a badly itchy scalp which is thinning where the itching occurs. What can I do to stop this itching ? Please help me out here guys in the know as want to go purchase the stuff today , it’s driving me mad lol
  5. Evening, as title states what’s all the proven things on the market today to reverse and help hairloss. Shampoo pills etc? Anything to try: help ??? Many thanks
  6. Mate I got back last month from turkey . Thought same thing but mate forget out just wear nothing , I thought sod it and wore nothing back only time u wore hat was at Heathrow collecting my bag n that was it, u will see quite a few people in the airport in the same situation, don't get me wrong was hard and I hated it but u won't see them again, one person actually asking me about it as he wanted it done, the people on the plane were dying to ask me something but did not lol, best thing and tip I would give is headphones !!!! Sounds dumb but I just put my music in my ears and zoned out walked
  7. He done 0 of my extractions wernt happy bout it but saying that as mentioned 4 weeks post so still healing, the assistants swapped throughout the day, he had like 3 patients goig art same time
  8. I 3 weeks about from Yaman so at moment can't really comment, one thing I will though is that Yaman did not do my extractions which I was concerned about, they kept swapping assistants to do this which was a little wary about and I'm sure at one point a apprentice was havin a go so I called the English speaker in to say do not let a apprentice near my head, dr done Prp and lateral slits but that was it, I was concerned about my donor prior to surgery as I mentioned I had one before from another dr and I had hardly any scarring and healed quick so I was concerned about scars, at present my don
  9. What has the dr said ? In terms of grafts they are doing ? Have they not mentioned meds etc ? You got a nice shape head man mine is massive so could not rock the skin look , have u ever looked into smp? I don't know loads bout it but seen decent results
  10. Hello mate I know the feeling mate and feel your pain , I just had my 2nd Procudure but on my 1st I went to Europe for my surgery and I was unsure so did not go ahead and left for another year, I'm no expert on transplantation but u gotta do what feels right for u mate , I could not comment on donor or anything like that as no expert and the pics ain't that clear I'm sure the more knowlabale people on here will help, this time last week I was in same boat sitting in my room nervous and thinkin twice its just human nature , but literally mate chin up and u got to just do what feels right for u
  11. I would upload pics but seriously looked and can't see how lol
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