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  1. Hi Roberto, Every situation is different and I do not know where you are on the NW scale, but I can say that 2000 grafts may be good if you are an NW 2 or 3, but if you are a 4 or above it is not going to do much for you. I would suggest you really do a lot of reading in the forums and look at pictures of others in your situation. It may help you stay realistic to what your results will be. Good luck,
  2. Hello all, Wayniac I do not think that I will get anymore volume, so except for growing my hair longer, which will help give the appearance of thicker hair I am at my final result. With that being said, I have had something interesting happen to me lately. Since I am about 15 I have always brushed my hair straight back. For those of you from NY (the Guido look). I decided to part it not directly to the side, but sort of on an angle back and to the side. I thought it made it look thicker to me as the HT has grown out. I asked my family that knows about the HT and they thought it looked better and thicker so I have been keeping it this way. Since then I have had a few people comment on my hair and my brother-in-law actually came out asked jokingly if I had a transplant or something because my hair looks different. I just said oh I started styling it differently. He sees me at least a few times a month and this is the first time he noticed a change, so I was actually happy that people are noticing something different. I have also uploaded some new pictures with less direct light overhead. Good luck all,
  3. Hello all, It has been just about a year since my hair transplant so I am uploading some pictures and I would really like some opinions. I received a total of 3410 grafts with a breakdown of 845 single hair grafts in the hairline and a combination 1885 double & 680 triple. Now I know going in I was pretty far gone going in. I would say I was an NW5, so I was not expecting miracles to begin with and I do think I look better than before the HT, but I will say I really was hoping for a better result. I would like some opinions on my final result based on my situation. Also, my question to you is does it look like I got what I paid for? Should I be contacting my Doc about my result? I took a of pics with the lights and flash on and off to try and get better pics.The first 3 pics are before pics. Thanks for the input,
  4. Here are some 9 month pics. I took some pics both with the flash on and off.
  5. Ok, I have finally hit the 6 month mark. How are things going you ask? Well that depends on what we were expecting. I have definitely made some progress in the last month, but no I am not ready to join a hair band even though I play a mean guitar. I finally do have a hairline and hair to brush. It is a bit thinner than I was hoping for at this point, but the few people that know i had the HT said it is a big improvement from where I started. I am just hoping it thicken up a bit more over the next few months. Good luck all!!
  6. I am at the 5 month mark and although it has been a long road so far, I am finally seeing some growth. I am really hoping it gets thicker over the next couple of months as more comes in, but I have to say I am happy to see a new hair line forming. I took some new pictures of my scar as well. I have to say it has really healed up great. My wife had a hard time finding it for the pictures.
  7. I think a lot of it depends on how well you heal, but I do think you can hide it. I went back to work after 10 days and did not have anyone notice I had the HT. I did look like I had a bit of a sunburn on my head, but not enough for anyone to question it. If you have the ability to wear a hat as a backup I think you can easily hide it, but I think you need to go in with the understanding that you may not be able to hide it and if you need to come clean then you need to. Once I made the decision to move ahead I was hoping to hide it, but I told myself that if I couldn't it would be worth it in the end. Good luck!!!
  8. I am glad everything went so well for you. Good luck on your trip home!!!!
  9. Glocktop, I was going to wait another month to post some more pictures. I have certainly had some growth, but I am at that worried phase. I keep checking and asking myself am I where I should be at this point? Will it fill in and become thick enough for me to be satisfied? I am trying not to worry too much and just look ahead, but it is not easy. Here are a few pictures I took a few days shy of 4 months. I would be happy to hear how others think I am progressing at 4 months.
  10. great question. I would like to know this as well.
  11. Hi Scooter, how are you making out? Now that you are so far along, are you glad you did it?
  12. It is a bit hard to say since all of your pics are from the top. You appear from your pictures to still be in good shape. If your hair is stable at this point and you believe it will stay that way , then it may be ok to move ahead with the HT. If that is not the case I would recommend that you wait out your first HT as long as possible rather than going trough the process again a few years later. I am sure the result will help you, but I would think long and hard and make sure you know what your getting into. There is a long healing process to consider. Also you need to consider what you might go through as part of the process to get the results you are looking for. These may include potentially having to shave down if you want FUE, the healing process and ugly duckling stage and also the shock loss that may occur. I am not saying that you should not do it now, only you can decide that, I am just saying that you should take the time to consider the road you are going down before you go. It is a long road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  13. What hairisimportant is also very true. I have a few comments on my results here and I only have 1 comment from my results from on another site I am posting on. I agree at 3 months there is not much to see, but I still think any feedback, even of "this appear to be normal" would be helpful and encourage people to keep posting.
  14. I think some lose interest or get discouraged with their results or they are happy with the result and get busy and it becomes a lower priory for them. Most people have good intentions, but keeping up may just get put on the back burner. There are still many people that do keep up and post their results.