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  1. absolutely stunning Nicole, the smp work looks fantastic too
  2. i'm going left FUT and right FUE Why? Because I think the guy on the left will need more lifetime grafts so you decided to go FUT first to obtain those
  3. What is the 'Golden Harvest Technique' ? Is this a new FUE technique or a sales gimmicky thing?
  4. I would say the cheaper Turkish and Indian doctors doing exclusively FUE have become more popular on this forum now However the results achieved by ordinary Joes who used post their FUT results here from Rahal were way better than anything I'm seeing from these FUE clinics right now Your own result turned out fantastic, great that you were off enjoying life with your new hair
  5. I think both techniques have their place in the right hands However looking through the 'patient posted results' on this forum I have noticed the following: Dr Bhatti's FUE results seem hit and miss to me, some good , some poor and then a fair amount of patients stop posting for one reason or another, so we can only speculate wheter results have been good or bad here Dr Fellars FUE, I can't find any Now, for FUE and Strip patient posted results from other recommended doctors I would say there are way more dissatisfied FUE patients than strip ones Again this is just my own conclusion from what I've seen on this site in the patient posted section So I would conclude from this that strip is more consistent than FUE
  6. wow, great results, great honest pics, I guess they don't call the FUT (strip) method the gold standard for nothing , thanks for sharing your results
  7. have you any top down pics in photo conditions similar to your pre op pic? also any pics of the crown now? front looks good the women even better
  8. you've come along way pma, well done, very encouraging early growth on the crown
  9. i've seen a few patients post poor growth with Dr Doganay some of the users on this forum with poor growth were bfa316, xkos48 and buzz2, this put me off him and I chose a different surgeon for my own ht
  10. Still on your promotion campaign I see even though you have no idea what your results will be given that you are only a few months post op? Why don't you create your own thread and show us your monthly progress right up to 12 months, this will be the best way to promote your doctor and give other females in a similar situation to yourself with valuable information. HTs for females are often overlooked so you have a great opportunity here to showcase your results. Good luck with your results
  11. This looks good now, however a couple of things 1. The before and after pics are not a true comparison with short hair before and longer hair after, there was a lot of hair there before the procedure even though is was cut short , Fin could be a big factor here too 2. The patient looks to have dyed his hair for the grown out results, I don't understand why guys do this to show a proper comparison to pre op, it can create an illusion of fullness imo 3. This patient is aged 30 but has only 1000-1100 lifetime head grafts available to him now, I think the approach was too aggressive
  12. I think it's more to do with the length of the hair, a lot of times if you leave it grow longer it will appear thinner. It's all about an illusion of density so we all will have a 'sweet spot' length that makes our hair look fuller. It's trial and error to find that length for each individual. My two cents anyways.
  13. man that is tough going, sorry mate i can't offer you any advice but it's got to be surgery related surely? It maybe a particularly severe case of nerve damage, is there even a test that can measure that?? I don't see how a doctor can just look at your scalp and say it's not nerve damage, obviously something is amiss underneath your skin? Perhaps another doc will read this and chimes in