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  1. Just a thought... Being bald sucks, however I'm happy stem cell / cloning research money is being used for fatal diseases and brain trauma instead of on our egos. And, no cure needed for small wankers... it is all in how you use it.
  2. I drove home directly after both my surgeries, which is a 2 1/2 hr trip with no problems at all. The first trip was a little rough just because I didn't know what to expect, but since this is your second it will be easier --just like everything else. With the second, I haven't worried at all, haven't looked in the mirror much, or asked any questions from you guys because I've already experienced it all. You'll be fine. Just like someone had all ready said, the valium wears off by the end of the procedure anyway.
  3. Jake.... two months is not too early. My Ht's (2) growth also began around the 8 weeks period. Yes, the peach fuzz is your transplanted hair. The fuzz will darken as it grows longer.
  4. niceguy... if you don't run from Bosley you'll soon be known as pissedguy! I don't know exactly where you are at in PA, but if your close to Cleveland you may want to contact Dr. Haber's office. IMO, it's highly unlikely he will perform a HT... However, together you can certainly come up with a plan of attack. Being in PA you are surrounded by great docs. NY, Ohio, Jersey...
  5. Does it pay anything? Or are we exposing our scalps again for nothing. Do you have a list of doctors to share with us? I'm sure you're not going to get any support for the hair mills!
  6. hair... crowd what plugs? You've had an Ht previously? Otherwise plugs are no longer the thing and it should never be called that! The coalition are the doctors that have proven themselves to be the best over time, set by the highest scrutiny by members and the founder of this forum. Anything less is unthinkable. If teh doc didn't come forward with his logic than it is time to talk to someone else.
  7. something... you can say what you want about memebers here all you want, but don't stab Pat. He is here to help more than any of us. He is doing what is best for newbies and others. I'm glad you had a great experience... more power to you, but don't start throwing mud. Think about those that have had subpar results. Pat has seen more HT's than most of the docs recommended here. He's a class act trying to help the people that don't know any better find a great physician. If Pat says that a dr's ethics or practice are questionable than it's time to listen. I can't help to think why your trying to defend a dr. so much... if he is that good he doesn't need your comments. B has been here a long time and he knows the drill and can spot a less than perfect treatment plan. Yes, perfect! If it isn't perfect for the patient than it's time that the doc isn't recommended. After all, it's all about the patient here not the doctor.
  8. under Find type in Dr. Tessler uncheck the search in current forum only and there is quite a bit of information for you.
  9. oh yeah... in the hands of a great surgeon, the donar strip doesn't take that long to remove. I never really timed it so I'm unsure exactly, I'm sure some here knows. It is a little intimidating, and by far is the most invasive part of the surgery, but it is much easier and less invasive than getting a wisdom tooth removed. It's really not that bad with the newest proceedures.
  10. hair... to answer your question about ear to ear strip ie. smaller sessions require less donor removal, hence, smaller strip. For that many FU's you will have approx. a 11"-15" incision, depending on donor density, which in no way would be over the ear. However, and this is big, you make certain that they transplant each and every hair they take out of your head! Also, you need to know what your potential hair loss will be. 1200-1400 fu's is not much coverage. Are you planning on more than one HT? Most everyone here recommends huge sessions and their points and results are legit and they make very valid arguments. Ultimately, however, it comes down to what works for you. It sounds like you haven't really done much research. Spend some time here, ask for advice like you are now and then proceed with a HT.
  11. I agree with everything accept this part. Although redness certainly subsides within the first week, a pinkish tint stays around for about a month or better before your scalp returns to normal.
  12. Lon... just curious do you take valium to relax? That can certainly cause short lived palpitations!
  13. Face... your blog is funny. So, lets hear about the gangster story. Sounds like your getting a HT for all the right reasons.
  14. Face... Yes, they are exciting days leading up to the procedure. I just hope your prepared for a few low months post-op. Many people get a little depressed because nothing seemingly is happening. You should look great by Febuary. Good luck to you.