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  1. Juan, Propecia's active ingredient is Finasteride it contains 1mg, the recommended dosage for hair loss. You must be referring to Proscar which contains 5mg of Finasteride. So to answer your question, yes many people here do buy Proscar and cut it up into 1/4's to save money.
  2. I don't believe the above statement is true...but never having a dandruff problem, I have never researched the topic. That being said...if dandruff is a problem for you, try Head and Shoulders or Nizoral shampoo 2X a week. So in regards to having an HT...if you have an HT, dandruff shouldn't affect the growth or cause a problem for an HT. Dandruff by itself is a separate problem altogether Hope this helps. Bill Bill, I believe the statement is true from personal experience. My hairloss was at its most severe sometime after starting Propecia when I had severe dandruff w
  3. Hi endoftherope, I wouldn't take too much confidence in what is written in online posts. If you do find some factual information (i.e. from case studies, etc) than that would definitely be an interesting read. Otherwise I wouldn't get too worked up over the rants of others.
  4. Robert, it would be good if you could cite your strong evidence. There is a reason why the recommended dosage is what it is, it is based on the results of empirical studies. The end result represents the most optimal dosage for most people given risk/benefit and statistical mean effectiveness amongst the patients in the study. Given that it can be up to 6-12 months to see any results (if any?) I don't think it is wise to suggest a dosage other than the recommended one. IMHO I would only suggest a smaller dosage for men experiencing side effects or only have minor hair loss not patients who are
  5. Easy, just type in Propecia half life in google. Most of the websites list the half life anywhere between 4-6 hours. http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic3/propecia_cp.htm:
  6. Vijay, I had the same problem where severe dandruff was causing me to literary scratch my hair out. I've tried a few different shampoos in the past but for me Nizoral works the best.
  7. If you want to save money buy Proscar and cut in 1/4's. The half life of Propecia is 5-6 hours, taking it every other day is below the recommended dosage of Finasteride for hairloss.
  8. Guys, I thought I might chime in here as I have been a regular user of CP's for nearly 5 months. I also did much research into CP's before considering it apart of my haircare regime, basically there are a lot of articles with a positive tone similar to this: http://ezinearticles.com/?Do-Copper-Peptide-Hair-Treatm...ally-Work?&id=186699 I pretty much decided to include CP's into my regime just to help with the minoxidil itch - which I think it does. If it manages to also create healthier hair (which I actually believe there is some science behind it) than I consider that a bon
  9. AnArabiaNight, You may want to also research Avodart, it is a more potent DHT inhibitor than Propecia but also has more potent side effects.
  10. Shit Mark, you're making me cry over here - thats some funny shit!
  11. Seriously people, if the dude is 30 with that level of hairloss he is in pretty damn good shape to spend a mere 700 grafts refining his hairline. I mean its wise to have a conservative outlook concerning HT's but suggesting this is may not be a good use of grafts for someone his age is borderline Nazi conservatism.
  12. Hi Michael, I used to be an advocate of Laser Therapy as there is a lot of documented studies on its benefits of increasing hair shaft diameter and hair count. But I have yet to find any photographic evidence that shows a real cosmetic difference. Even on their website the before and after pics are not impressive at all. If even the best hand picked results are not impressive, I don't hold much hope for the average joe.
  13. I'm going to suggest that if no photographic evidence is available to show if this treatment is effective, then the link should be removed.
  14. Hi Mark, The thing with Nizoral is that it was also used by the patients in the client trials of Propecia, so if you are on Finasteride it is a good idea to use Nizoral as well. Like John said it has some anti-DHT and good cleansing properties. I think the biggest benefit is that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory/dandruff shampoo. I had most of my hairloss under Propecia in which my scalp was so itchy that I literally scratched a lot of my hair out. I believe that if I was also using Nizoral at the time my hair would be in a much better condition than it is now.
  15. Seriously Mark, After reading your posts I initially thought you were just an arrogant dick but I'm starting to discover more and more that you are just a dumb sh*t. How you got to 40 without going the way of the dodo is a mystery to me. Regardless of your origin I still feel inclined to help you, here are a couple of tips as you are obviously not aware of: *Know your audience* This is a forum for hairloss sufferers and prospective patients that are considering a HT. This is not a way for you to communicate with HT doctors. Believe it or not there are other (read: better) ways to
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