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4,467 FUGs Hair transplantation using FUT/Strip excision method /Dr. Kulakarn Amonpattana - BHI Clinic (Bangkok, Thailand)

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Patient’s information

- 45 years old (Asian) with male pattern hair loss class 5/6  


- Previous treatment:  None


We performed FUT or SLE [ Strip excision method]- hair transplantation to rebuild the frontal hairline as well as to add on the density from the top to crown area.  The result is shown after 12 months of surgery. The patient had some postoperative effluvium along the FUT line at the donor area which recovered in 6 months.


The number of grafts breaks down into

1 hair unit x 986

2 hair unit x 2,780

3 hair unit x 701

Total number of grafts = 4,467 FUGs

Average hair: graft = 1.93

Total number  8,649 follicles

The photos reveal of 1 year result after our FUE procedure.



Medication treatment

Finasteride 1 mg OD

5% Minoxidil 1 cc x 2 times a day.














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Really impressive. Does the patient have laxity for a second strip? And if he chose instead to do only FUE in the future  how much donor hair would he have left in reserve approximately?

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If we confine to the safe donor zone which was retracted now from FUT, we should be able to harvest another 2000-3000 grafts from FUE. This is Asian guy so the density may not be abundant. In caucasian, you may expect more number according to higher density by nature.

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Very nice result.


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Very impressive results 👏🏼

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