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Validation after HT

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Hi, I had a transplant done about a week ago and I havent been able to properly judge how it went based on how I am looking now. I was told that around 4800 grafts have been used for the transplant. I dont know if I am overthinking but when I look at my recipient area it looks less than 4800 to me. Could someone please tell me after comparing my before and after photos that it looks 4800? I just wanted to be sure since I have seen people with similar looks who posted similar numbers so I can be wrong too

I asked the doctor to cover my entire scalp with as much thickness as possible without worrying about how low the hairline is. I wasnt exactly sure how dense the hair is going to be based on my look right now which is why I was hoping somebody could look at it and give their opinion.

I would also appreciate if anybody could confirm how the work looks? 

Appreciate the help!







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Hello @Baldie1008. Welcome to our forums. Thanks for posting your pictures. To answer your question, you had a lot of area covered, so it does look like a large number of grafts were used. Who did you go to? I hope you keep us updated on your progress.




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I am a forum moderator for hairrestorationnetwork.com. I am not a Dr. and I do not work for any particular Dr. My opinions are my own and may not reflect the opinions of other moderators or the owner of this site. I am also a hair transplant patient and repair patient. You can view some of my repair journey here.

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Appreciate the response! After following this forum, I went to Dr.Yaman. He was definitely satisfied with how the scalp looked after the HT. I just thought it was not as dense as its supposed to look especially in the mid scalp area right after the hair line and was concerned that the density will not look natural once everything is grown. Your response calmed me a bit. 

On a different note, would you know how effective dutasteride is when compared to finasteride? I plan on using a topical solution considering the side effects of oral and from what I studied there is not a very huge difference between oral and topical. Please correct me if I am wrong. Dr.Yaman’s clinic said dutasteride is better but I just wanted to know more about it.


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You should be on medication too such as oral minoxidil. Meaby it can help you with the thickness.
it doesn’t  look dense at all and I don’t understand why you have so few grafts in the mid-scalp when you are basically bald in that area? 

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I havent used any medication until now and Dr.Yaman’s clinic said I dont need to start anything before I got the surgery which is why I went ahead with the procedure.

After the procedure I asked and they said you can use topical finasteride. Is oral Minoxidil required? I find topical sprays with finasteride and minoxidil combined in it. cant I just use that?

Dr.Yaman analyzed the hair and gave this design and said this would work well since I have a very good donor. He also mentioned that although the crown will be covered decently, it will not be covered as much as hair line and mid scalp and I was ok with it since I assumed hair line and mid scalp will be pretty dense. After looking at myself after the procedure, I just wondered if the density isn't as much as I thought which is why I reached out here. 

Is there a possibility that I am just overwhelmed and that it looks like this now but it might turn out better? Can I also do something on my end to have a better result?

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