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Does miniaturization mean that the meds don't work?

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Hi all,

Does miniaturization always mean that the meds don't work properly?

FYI: I'm on 1mg. oral finasteride and 2,5mg. oral minoxidil daily. Been on it for about a year now and I had great progress. Now I often see some light hairs being shed (my hair color is medium brown). Visually there's no thinning to be seen.

At what point would scaling up the med intake be worth considering, generally speaking?

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No it doesn't. A couple of things to bear in mind: first of all, some of our hairs are naturally thinner or finer than others, not to mention that a certain degree of miniaturization, even in the donor area, is perfectly natural. Moreover, don't forget that hair loss meds are effective only to a certain degree, such that some miniaturized hairs cannot be brought back

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