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Sule Clinic 5120 Grafts FUE

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Hello, I wanted to briefly introduce myself. I'm Dominik (35) and I come from Germany. I apologize for my bad English😅


 I registered in this forum because I would like to find out more about finasteride.

 I wanted to possibly strengthen my tonsure with finasteride.



 I already had a hair transplant in 2018.

 I had 5120 grafts transplanted and am very satisfied with the results.


 I had the hair transplant done in Istanbul at the Sule Clinic.


 I'll add some pictures and would love to hear your thoughts.


 Kind regards, Dominik










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  • Regular Member

Great results and transformation. Yes it helps  but it might come with possible side effect . Did you take finasteride after your operation ? Or have you taken it before ? 

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Thank you. Yes, the clinic did a very good job. No, I have never used finasteride. The problem is, in Germany you need a prescription from a doctor. I have an appointment with a doctor in 6 weeks. I wanted to inquire about experiences etc. here in the forum

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Excellent result with really good density 🤩🤩

yes have been using finasteride over 3 years. No side effect so don’t be scared of it. Really few people get the side effect and most people just take it as other vitamins and medications and continue their days 

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