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Newbie looking at HT, trying to gauge the surgeon I am consulting with.

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Hi all,

I am a 28 year old male from the bay area with very classical male pattern baldness. Started in my early 20's. I've tried Rogaine and PRP; the latter slowed the loss, but obviously did not undo it. I am considering HT's, and did not realize how unregulated the market is, how much research individuals have to do. I have been searching the various forums and websites for the past few days (here, reddit, hairlossexperiences.com, etc).

The surgeon I've been talking to is Dr. Sarah Wasserbauer. Her consultant today recommended around 3000 graphs, for a price around $19,750. Is that a reasonable rate? I saw @Pephair had a mediocre experience with her, but was curious if anyone else has used her. I have seen her recommended on other sites.

I'm attaching some photos below of my hairline, I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on whether I'm actually a good candidate, or other things I might want to know.

In searching for a good surgeon, I'm willing to travel, obviously, though I'd prefer staying in the U.S. and Canada. In particular, If possible California (northern or Southern), Georgia, or Montreal, as I have family in all three places who could look after me.

One last question: I have heard rumors about propecia side effects involving severe depression. As someone who is already treated for anxiety, would I be at a higher risk for this? Is it actually a common side effect, or relatively rare?

Anyway, apologies for the rambling post. I'm really glad I found this forum, I don't think I had realized what a cluster this industry was. I have a large forehead, but when i had a full head of hair it didn't seem that way. I would love to just get back to the point where it doesn't feel like it's my entire face.




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I'd like to explain how a surgery should be approached.

—> As a first step, you should address the underlying cause of your hair loss...even if you undergo surgery, if your hair loss continues, then you will be in the same state again soon...surgery won't solve your hair loss problem...

It is therefore important to consult a good doctor who is more familiar with hair loss and begin medication. This can stabilize, slow down, or reverse your hair loss...this is the key to a successful outcome...to reap the benefits of medication, you need to take it religiously for the full 12 months and then reassess your situation and plan accordingly.

—>In addition to taking medication, you should also educate yourself. You can use this 12 month period to research more about hair transplant surgery, learn more about the whole process, and understand the nuances. Research good doctors around the world and shortlist around 4-5 doctors based on your findings, and then consult all of them to determine who best fits your needs and expectations.

Taking all of the above things into account will pave the way for a successful surgery.

I hope this helps you ...best of luck.

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You’ve been given excellent advice. I would look at the reviews section. Look at cases similar to yours. Remember, don’t rush. 

I’m a paid admin for Hair Transplant Network. I do not receive any compensation from any clinic. My comments are not medical advice.

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I think is is proper for the doctor to give the patient the estimated number of grafts needed. In my 25 years of experience depression is a very rare side effect of Finasteride. You should consider trying some preventative hair loss treatments as with most patients the hair loss continues. You are doing the right thing by researching aand doing your due diligence. The more educated you are the better decision you will make and more realistic your expectations will be. 

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