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Should I hop back on Finasteride or buy Pyrilutamide from the grey market?


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Previously used oral finasteride but quit after a couple of weeks due to experiencing side effects. Thinking of trying the topical now but can't seem to find the 0.025% online. Lowest I've found is 0.25%. Reason why I'm hesitant on taking even low dose topical fin is because I may have a very mild case of gynecomastia. The gyno used to be a lost worse in my mid-late teens when I was a little chubby but has reduced heavily over the past decade after I lost a lot of weight. 

Or would I be better off buying Pyrilutamide from the grey market? The problem with Pyri is that I have no idea what's in the actual solution/chemical as we all it costing a lot more than topical fin. 

I've also considered taking oral fin again since it's actually quite difficult to apply topicals but I'd rather not reduce my serum DHT by 70%. Was taking 1mg everyday. 

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