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Does this look like adequate density ?

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I really think that if you want us to genuinely answer that question that you should post some additional angles including showing front pictures at a 45° angle and then also the top of the scalp. You may also want to include some close-ups of the frontal zone from the top.  I also suggest sharing how many grafts you received and showing pictures of your frontal zone before any surgery as well. That way we can see if you have any natural hair in that area That will add to the density when the results grow in. Because ultimately, density it’s not just about how many transplanted hairs receive but The combination of both natural and transplanted hair when the results grow in.

Best wishes,

Rahal Hair Transplant 

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Dr. Rahal is a member of the Coalition of Independent of Hair Restoration Physicians.

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28 minutes ago, John1991 said:

It looks solid to me.  Maybe not the densest transplant ever, but I'd imagine this will look good.  You'll look like DiCaprio come next spring OP.

I like DiCaprios hairline. That frontal peak is also what I strived for 👍

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19 hours ago, Navthedon said:

Yes, if not go back and get more put in. You'll have plenty of donor left.


Thought you were joking here since he only posted the frontal pic, but he did post a topic last month with some pics of his donor.  Notes there the procedure was for about 3k grafts a few months ago. To the OP, you should consolidate your story, pics, and concerns into one ongoing topic thread so that everyone has the most information to give the best advice/opinions.





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