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Turkey 3000 grafts FUE, Scabbing

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Hello everyone,


First of all: I have lurked on HairRestorationNetwork for a long time, and am grateful for all the advice you all have provided. Thank you everyone!

I had an FUE procedure last week, to lower my hairline and close off temples. I'm now at post-op day 8, and still have complete scabbing over the recipient area.

Compared to most results I've seen, I seem to have a lot more scabbing than average. In fact, the frontal band area is essentially one large scab.


Is this an abnormal result, considering it's day 8? Please let me know if I should be worried, or if you have any advice for dealing with the scabbing.


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You need to clean that ASAP, it’s not good

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I definitely dont think thats a good sign as of 8 days post op. I tnink most places have you do your own hair wash to gently remove scabs after a few days. I personally start washing them off gently. Then keep an eye out for necrosis or any sorts of infection. Not to sound any alarms but the discoloration looks a bit off. It could just be because you have had the scabs on for awhile.

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You are going to have to soften the entire area before gently rubbing those all scabs off.  

Our friend Melvin here has a video explaining exactly how to do it. I've done this myself at day 9-10 actually. 

Cover the entire scabs with a good softening hair conditioner and leave it up to 40 minutes

After go in the shower, and let the water wet your scalp without too much pressure, and then use circular and forward motions with your fingertips to get rid of the scabs. 

Good luck you can do it 


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Thank you gentlemen for the responses.


I have been taking antibiotics, and washing it daily with shampoo/water mix as recommended here. So I don't think infection is the issue.


Since it was a high-density "pack" transplant, I believe the grafts were so close together that all the scabs "fused" into one giant scab. Now that it's day 9, some of the graft scabs are falling out.


Sorry I deleted the photo of my recipient area, because I started feeling anxious and self-conscious seeing it up.

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Melvin's video is very helpful.  Where did you have the surgery?

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