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FUEGENIX / 2828 Grafts / Feb 2022


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Hi guys,


Februari 2022 i had my hairtransplant at Fuegenix in the Netherlands.

The reason I chose Fuegenix are the results that I have seen on the dutch hairtransplant forum plus that the doctor carries out the entire treatment. (Dr. Munib Ahmad)

He takes the hair out, do the incisions, checked the hair quality and put the hair back.


My problem area is the front, so this area is completely filled with a total of 2828 grafts.


Im allready really happy and it is only 3 months ago, every week i see more hair :)


See pictures below.


Begin situatie - 1.jpg

Begin situatie - 2.jpg

Begin situatie - 3.jpg

Dag 2 - 1.jpg

Dag 2 - 2.jpg

Dag 2 - 3.jpg

Dag 7 - 1.jpg

Dag 7 - 2.jpg

dag 12 - 1.jpg

dag 12 - 2.jpg

dag 12 - 3.jpg

dag 13 - 1.jpg

dag 13 - 2.jpg

dag 13 - 3.jpg

2 maanden 1 - 3.jpg

2 maanden 2 - 3.jpg

2 maanden 3 - 3.jpg

3 maanden 1.jpg

3 maanden 2.jpg

3 maanden 3.jpg

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Happy growing 

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On 7/3/2022 at 7:22 PM, RTC said:

Wow excellent growth. How was the ugly duckling phase for you?

Really good! Sometimes in public i wear a hat(not with friends at home etc) and at work they know about my hair transplant so was perfect!

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Wow.. quite shocking honestly, with that pretty tough norwood stage you had, that wide area of coverage with RELATIVELY not extremely density and small amount of grafts, you achieved such incredible results. 
Really, wow, enjoy this man, salute

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