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Dr Panine Review May 2022

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Hello, my hair loss journey began in 1992.  I was only 24 when I noticed that my hairline was receding.  i started looking in the phone book for a solution.  I came across afew places in the Chicago area as well as at home in Milwaukee.  I wasn't overly impressed by what i seen at most of the clinics.  i met with Dr Gencheff out of Madison Hair Transplant Clinic.  I felt that he was my best option after discussing an action plan.  In the next 4 years i had 4 procedures (FUT) receiving around 500 micro and mini grafts.  My last procedure was in 1997..  Overall i was happy with my results.  In the next 20 years my hair loss continued and decided to get evaluated for possible additional procedures to coverup the bare spots and see if my FUT scars could be cleaned up.  I googled hair transplants and found this site,  I reviewed results and reached out to 2 surgeons.  One of the clinics i contacted was  Dr Panine.  I sent my pics for a consultation.  I was surprised to get a response from @Stuart01 whom i worked with before with Dr Gencheff.  I picked a Sunday last July and drove down to meet with him and Dr Panine.  After catching up with Stuart, i met with Dr Panine. He examined my prior grafts and donor site.  He was realistic on what we could accomplish with the remaining donor site.  I found Dr Panine very knowledgeable, professional, practical, and humble.  I scheduled my procedure for the end of October 2021.  The procedure went well.  i received 2560 grafts (FUE).  Recovery I felt also went very well.  Fast forward 6 1/2 months and i travelled down to Chicago to see Dr Panine.  He was pleased with the results.  My wife and I agree that there has been substantial growth and improved density to the front of my head.  I am looking forward to what the next 5 months will bring.   70517959_MKEC.thumb.JPG.cb964b19f34d7abc62e7270c4dab6ad8.JPG1615883280_MKEA.thumb.JPG.07ec292e69016a0ab5d53a22342769fa.JPG70517959_MKEC.thumb.JPG.cb964b19f34d7abc62e7270c4dab6ad8.JPG1320952961_MKEB.thumb.JPG.9e5ab88d23efbae28cd7e1fad200383a.JPGhair.jpg.1391f4e025d1f4c9b177060c7ea92b6c.jpg1070069587_MKE7.thumb.JPG.8138eb56a8154f46bf0938d218576c55.JPG70517959_MKEC.thumb.JPG.cb964b19f34d7abc62e7270c4dab6ad8.JPG2028550143_GrochowskiBrian009(1).thumb.JPG.d468bd09351019038ad0d64046cc3e6c.JPG

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Great results thanks for sharing 🙏🏼

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